New Services, Features and Enhancements in 2020

As we kick off the new year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of the major enhancements and new features added to MyPMS this year. If you haven't had a chance to try all of the new features and functions added in 2019, we have put together a list of highlights with links to step-by-step instructions below. Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help. We look forward to an exciting 2021 with more enhancements, integrations, features, tutorials and webinars!


Kiosk Self Check-in

Kiosk Self Check-in is a series of services that differ from Mobile Self Check-in, in that the Guest will interact with a URL that is <usually> loaded onto an internet device (Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablet, etc) in 'Kiosk mode' so that it neither looses power nor 'sleeps', already ready to serve your guests. When the Guest approaches the Kiosk, they can "Load a Booking and Check-in" and/or "Make A Booking". Optionally, for MyGuest users, the Kiosk can deliver these functions from within the Concierge, or the access to the Concierge can be delivered from the Kiosk before or after check-in. There are special Agents specifically for Kiosks, intended to make it easy for properties desiring Kiosks at multiple locations, for a variety of needs. Contact us to get started with Kiosk Self Check-in

Self Check-in Remote Lock Room Access Integration

BookingCenter can now link to a ‘lock system’ (whether keyless, swipe, RFID, Wi-Fi, or Low Energy BlueTooth) to your Self Check-in process giving you the ability to deliver unique remote lock access to each guest. Learn more about our Remote Lock Integration. NOTE: For other e-Lock implementations, the Guest Services Module is needed. We have more detail on the Guest Services Module here.

Self Check-in Mobile and/or Kiosk Onsite and Online Payment Options

The Self Check-in process can now automate payments via policies you establish. The method for acquiring an authorization or payment requires either Traditional MyCard or EMV MyCard. Or, you can offer a mix of payment options, with some bookings paying via an EMV terminal (what we call 'EMV MyCard') while others manually manage credit cards (what we call 'Traditional MyCard'). 

Mobile Housekeeping App

The Housekeeping App is a 'scaled down' version of the MyGuest system, specifically for customers who want a robust Housekeeping management system tied in the with MyPMS, but don't need other MyGuest features nor a Concierge interfaces.  Use for Daily Housekeeping (Full Clean or Stay Over cleans) are assigned individually, or in a Group, to Housekeeping staff (what BookingCenter calls 'Users').  Armed with the BookingCenter mobile app (or they can use a web browser), the User receives notification about their daily needs (no more Housekeeping sheets to print out!) and the time the request was sent.Learn more about Mobile Housekeeping App

Hotel Incident Reports

Each property can create their own default Incident Report in order to record a Housekeeping or Maintenance 'Incident' that requires written or photographic documentation.  Created as a completely customizable letter(s), the one set as 'Default Letter' under the Incident Report section will open a template to be filled in and saved when a Housekeeper clicks 'Incident report' from a Request that has a Booking ID assigned.  Allowing the User to place a lengthy description of the issue, with up to 5 photos (uploaded from a computer and/or the mobile device being used by the User), each Incident report is automatically filled in with all relevant data (Guest, Room, Booking, Dates of Arrival/Depart, etc) and the resulting document is a date- and time -stamped, and saved under the "Letters" area of the specific Booking for easy retrieval in case of a dispute. Learn more about the Incident Report


MyGuest Guest Request System

  • Customize Requests: We have created a way for MyGuest Users to customize the Description of each Request as it is entered into the MyGuest Manager's Dashboard and sent to staff. MyGuest customers can find the new "MyGuest Setup" in SETUP | FEATURES AND IMAGES | MYGUEST SETUP.  Learn more at MyGuest | MyPMS Integration
  • MyGuest- Mobile Housekeeping Integration: For customers who are registered MyGuest Users, the Housekeeping App is an inexpensive add-on, please contact us to add this feature to your MyGuest setup.

 NEW Payment Features

  • Automatic Credit Card Pre-Authorization: Allow Credit Card PreAuths is set to Automatic, then Night Audit (whether running Manual or Auto Night Audit) looks for all bookings that are due to arrive on the date selected and pre-authorizes these bookings, using the credit card set in the Guarantee by:in the booking. (Requires Traditional MyCard)

  • Flat Rate Deposit This setting determines the guarantee or deposit required for bookings made at the Front Desk (manually entered) and for online bookings taken on your website or via OTA/GDS channels.  The new Flat Rate Deposit Feature allow you to set a Flat Rate for things like a cleaning fee or Resort Fee. Learn how to set the Guarantee Policy for your property. Learn more Marketing And Policies

Website Booking Engine

  • NEW "Room Type Availability Calendar" for the Booking Engine: Room Types Availability Calendar on Templates 01 and 03 : If you currently use our "Availability Calendar" Booking Engine (Template 03 or 04) on your Website, you can easily enable the new Room Type Availability Search with 'sold out' dates. Go to SETUP | SETTINGS | BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS and set "Show Room Type Calendars" to Yes.
  • Multi-Lingual Booking Engine Templates: All of our Booking Engine Templates are now multi-lingua. To enable the multi-lingual option on your website, go to the "General" Section in Booking Engine Settings
  • ADA Compliance for "Inventory Item" and "Package Images" on the Booking Engine: The images for  for Inventory Items and Packages now meet ADA Compliance Standards. As part of design implementation, we have provided an "ALT Tag " field for each of these Images in MyPMS. However, the descriptive text must be entered by you in order to meet Compliance Standards. For  step-by-step instructions on how to enter the descriptive text in the "ALT Tag" field for Inventory Items, go to Add Inventory Item Image and for Packages, go to Add Package Image
  • Inventory Item/Add-ons "View Details" and Image Slideshow: We have added a "View Details" Pop-out window with an extended description and image slideshow to the Add-on Items on the Booking Engine. See Inventory Item Images
  • Package Rate Image Slideshow -  New Image Slideshow: The Package Rate "View Details" Pop-out now displays an image slideshow. See Packages Images
  • Ask "# Guests" on "Check Availability": You can now enable or disable the "# Guests" field when a guest checks availability. To change this setting, see Booking Engine Settings
  • Max Guest Icon: The "Select Room" page now displays the Maximum # of Guests for each Room Type. Add Room Type
  • “Restrictions” Message":  The "Restrictions Message" has been moved below the Check Availability selector and added to the "Select Rooms" Page. To enable the "Restrictions Message" see Booking Engine Settings. To enter a "Restrictions Message", see Marketing And Policies
  • Hotel Name Display: You can now choose to display or hide your Hotel Name on the Booking Engine. This is useful if you have a logo which already states your property name and you want to avoid redundancy. To change the display setting, go to Booking Engine Settings

Self Check-in

  • Self Check-in: Suppressed Rates Agents:  If you are using Self Check-in, then this Agent will be used to manage the Payment Policy and Gateway used in bookings via an Agent set as 'suppressed rates'. For example, if you participate in Expedia Collect (Expedia collects money from the Guest and provides a virtual 'Expedia Credit Card' to cover Room +Taxes) the booking often can't be 'authorized' as your typical authorization policy, as the card will decline any amount over the exact terms Room +Taxes amount (what MyPMS calls 'Projected Income').  Thus, we'd use a Suppressed Rate Agent to set a profile for how these bookings occur, most often setting 'Payment Policy' to NONE, and Online Gateway to: NONE so nothing was charged to these specific bookings via this Agent when using Self Check-in. To learn more about Suppressed Rates Agents, see Agent Types

    • Suppressed Rates Agents include the following features at Self Check-in:
      • MyBooking Hidden Rates: As part of the Suppressed Rates feature, the rates will be hidden in MyBooking at Check-in so that Guest can not see them.
      • NEW Suppressed Rates Esign Default Letter: We have added a new Esign Letter specially used for Suppressed Rate Agents at Self Check-in. This Letter can be customized to your needs, I.e. no rates or charges displayed and will automatically open for the guest to sign. Learn how to setup the Suppressed Rates Agent Esign Default Letter at Self Check-in | Default Letters
      • Require Incidental Credit Cards for Suppressed Rate Self Check ins:  This new feature allows you to force guests to enter a credit card for incidentals at Self Check-in if they have booked through a Suppressed Rates Agent. This setting is located in General Settings
  • Self Check-in Communication Timing: The "Communication" setting is used to control the START TIME of the Email and/ SMS sent to the guest to start the Self Check-in process on the arrival date of the booking. This setting controls the automated system trigger that automatically sends the "Start Self Check-in" email and/or SMS to the all guests on arrival date. For bookings made before or after this time setting, see Self Check-in | Setup


  • Owner Units - Automatic Booking Confirmation Email and/or SMS Letter: If you wish the Owner to be notified when an online booking occurs for the Owner's unit(s), you can now set a "Default Owners Letter". This letter will be sent to the Owner associated to a Booking Engine booking where the Owner record has the value 'Send letter' and/or "Send SMS" set to YES.  This Letter will go to the email and/or mobile on record for the Owner involved, based on whether there is a default Email or SMS Letter option chosen. NOTE: This requires the Owners Module has been purchased, as well as the booking has been allocated to a specific Room via the Auto Room Assignment area. Learn how to set up an Owner Default Letter

  • Agents - Automatic Booking Confirmation Email and/or SMS Letter: An Agent can be notified when an online booking occurs for a Unit when they make an online booking via the Agents Area using "Default Agents Letter".  This letter will be sent to the Agent associated to a Booking Engine booking where the Agent record has the value Send letter" and/or "Send SMS" set to YES.  This Letter will go to the email and/or mobile on record for the Agent involved, based on whether there is a default Email or SMS Letter option chosen.  Learn how to set up an Agent Default Letter
  • NEW Letter Types: We have added new "letter types" to our Letters area for use with the Kiosk, Agent and Owners automatic Booking Confirmation Letters described above. Use these to create the Default Letters used for automatic booking confirmation Emails and SMS messages made at the Kiosk or for specific agents and owners.
  • Confirmation Email/SMS - Customized to Room Type and/or Guest Type: This new feature automatically sends a customized Booking Confirmation Letter for a specific Room Type and Guest Type. For Example, If you have specific information about a unique Room Type that you need to include in the Confirmation, then you can designate a customized Letter which will automatically be sent as the Booking Confirmation Letter. Learn more about Auto Confirmation Letters
  • New Merge Fields for Email and SMS Letters
    • Remote Access Lock code to Email and SMS letters
    • New Merge Field for link to eSign  Suppressed Rates Default Letter
    • Both Agents and Owner's Email and Mobile are now available for using a 'default' letter (email and/or SMS) to send automatically Booking Details.
  • Letters: New Headings and longer Subject Line for all email letters.
  • "Show in MyPMS": You now have the ability to select which letters appear in the drop down list in the Letters Tab of each booking.Letters Setup


  • Cancel Button in Owners Area: We have added the ability for an Owner to cancel a booking in the Owner Login Area, giving them complete control over the bookings made for their units. Learn more
  • NEW Agent Functions: Agents are both traditional 'Travel Agents' and 'Channels' which distribute rooms at unique prices and/or allocations. This includes agents you setup like Travel Agents and Booking Agents like your Kiosk Agent. To learn how to add additional features to each agent go to MyAgents


  • Automatic Night Audit - Set Time: If you are using Automatic Night Audit, you can now set the time when Night Audit occurs. Once you set the time, then Night Audit will run in your local time zone at the time you set here. Read here about the setting and its effect on your Night Audit operations. To set the Automatic Night Audit time, go to General Settings.
  • Automatic Credit Card Pre-Authorization: Allow Credit Card PreAuths is set to Automatic, then Night Audit (whether running Manual or Auto Night Audit) looks for all bookings that are due to arrive on the date selected and pre-authorizes these bookings, using the credit card set in the Guarantee by:in the booking. (RequiresTraditional MyCard)


  • NEW! Pace Report: A 'business' point in time comparison between a date range from today forward, comparing to the same range last year (Today's Date with a Future Range Comparing Last Year). The Pace Report is used as a sales analysis of your future occupancy, ADR, REVPAR, arrivals, etc and then that same logic to compare to the same period last year. Learn more about the Pace Report
  • Future Arrivals Report:This Report is used to view all future arrivals with Folio Balance and Folio 'Projected Income' fields in order to identify which bookings may need financial follow-up. The report can be run for up to a year, and as few as a single day. Learn more at Future Arrival
  • Automatic Reports

    MyPMS Automated Reports gives you the ability to schedule daily delivery of the "Manager", "Occupancy" and "Revenue" Reports to a primary email and cc email if needed. You can choose to schedule delivery for one or all of these Reports. Reports that can be scheduled for automated, daily delivery via email.

    • Managers Report: Based on previous day's date (Night Audit Transactions posted) and displays "live Items and Receipts". See Managers Reports
    • Revenue Report:  Reports revenue sorted by Room Type for the past 30 days from the previous day's date.  See Revenue Report
    • Occupancy Report: Reports occupancy for all room types, accounting for the OOO Rooms flag for the past 30 days from the previous day's date. See Occupancy Report
  • SMS Report: