An Owner must first be set up and then assigned to a unit in order to be active. Once the owner is set up, then you are able to track bookings to the unit(s), create transactions and generate reports. Add as many Owners as needed.

The owner can also access an online area with a Login ID and password to view their bookings, track transactions and generate reports for their units.

If you offer Online Bookings for unit(s) your Owner is assigned to, then you can set up an Owner (this is optional per Owner) to Send Letters so that if an online booking is made via the Booking Engine, the Owner will receive the Owner Letter set as 'Owner Default' in the Default Letters area.   An example of an Owner Letter either emailed and/or SMS to an Owner might look like:

You received an online booking in your Unit: 104, as booking is: 1403531W that is Arriving: Friday, September 11, 2020 and Departing: Saturday, September 12, 2020.

In case the Guest (Jim LeBachol) needs to contact you, these contact details were given: Email: and Mobile Phone: +1 707 123 4567 and LandLine Phone: +1-707-874-3922 x201.

As an Owner, you will receive a commission for 85% percent once the booking is complete.

The online 'Owners Area' available at: Owners login with the Owner ID and password entered in the Owner Information. See Owner Units

In this section

To see a list of your current Owners or to add or edit an Owner, Go to SETUP| OWNERS | OWNERS.

To Add or Edit Owner Information

  • To edit the details of an Owner, click on the Owner ID, click Edit, make your changes and click Save.
  • To setup a new Owner, click Add
  • Enter an Owner ID. This will be used as their Log in ID to access their account.
  • Enter a password for the online Owners Area
  • Enter the commission rate, which is what the property pays the Owner, less expenses, on the folio's RENT postings.
  • Send Letter?: yes or no based on where you have a default Owner Letter selected and want the specific Owner(s) to receive notice of online bookings.
  • Enter a start date. Choose todays date if you want the owner to be active immediately.
  • At the bottom of the Owner information, you will see the rooms assigned to this owner. This will be blank until you assign an owner to a room. To assign a room to an owner, go to Rooms and assign via the Owners drop-down.

Each OWNER (associated with specific units or unit types) can also have the following analysis:

  • Create detailed lists of bookings, by owner, with guest details by creation date, arrival and departure date and more. This is perfect for providing a customized list of bookings per Owner. See Bookings by Owner Unit
  • Print out specific Owner Details on the Booking Confirmation screen to override the system default. This enables the Confirmation letter to provide property-specific driving address/contact details so that a specific confirmation letter can be sent for each booking based upon the actual Room booked. This can be sent as a fax, letter, or via email with one-click. This would normally be sent to a Guest who had booked a Room that was unique in its needs for a custom confirmation letter. While individual customized Letters COULD be used to send each Confirmation Letter, once the Owners module is purchased,