The HouseKeeping App is a 'scaled down' version of the MyGuest system, specifically for customers who want a robust Housekeeping management system tied in the with MyPMS, but don't need other MyGuest features nor a Concierge interface for your guests.  If you would like to learn more about the Housekeeping App, contact us.

The Housekeeping App track assignments in real-time with status updates and push notifications to housekeepers and supervisors. It streamlines PMS operations by assigning housekeeping tasks in groups and/or individually. It also improves workflows with visibility on the status of each room and an easy Dashboard to inform your Housekeepers how they are performing. Finally, the system enhances hygiene oversight by managing supervisory approval of a 'complete' room clean before the PMS assigns the room 'Clean'. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to use The Housekeeping App, go to Mobile Housekeeping App User Guide

Watch an Overview of the Mobile Housekeeping App


Assign and Track Tasks

Assign Housekeeping tasks, individually or as a group, to Users. This creates Request(s) for each ‘Room Clean’ request to the right Housekeeper. Because each request has a ’start time’ and ‘end time’, each Housekeeper tracks how successful they are at cleaning each Room in time. For customers who are registered MyGuest Users, the Housekeeping App is an inexpensive add-on, please contact us to add this feature to your MyGuest setup.  

Automate Supervision

When a Housekeeper has completed work for a specific Room, they can (optionally) set the Request to ‘Review’ status, triggering a notification to the Housekeeping manager to approve the cleaning.  Upon verification, the Room gets set to ‘clean’ via the Housekeeping manager.  If an Incident Report is required, attach photos and descriptions for a historical record.

Sync with the PMS

Each PMS user can visit the Housekeeping page in MyPMS to review the status of each Room so they can know which Rooms will be available to rent in what order. They can also link directly to the Housekeeping Request to watch real-time as the cleaning process unfolds.

Notify Guests

Notify Guests when their rooms are clean via a WebHook to automate communication to Guests when their Unit is ‘CLEAN’. For properties using Self-Checkin, this allows Guests access to the room when ready, as opposed to the ‘arrival time’ set with the booking.


The dashboard summarizes a few Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from your Housekeeping staff: 

  • How many 'pending' Housekeeping requests are still 'open'.
  • Which Housekeeper User has 'open' requests.
  • How many were 'closed' within the last week.
  • How Housekeeping requests made within the last week.
MyGuest Housekeeping DashboardMyGuest Housekeeping Requests Assigned and in 'Inspect' status

The HouseKeeping App works like this:

Assign and Send a Request

In MyPMS the Daily Housekeeping tasks are assigned individually, or in a Group, to Housekeeping staff (what BookingCenter calls 'Users') with the correct status of he cleaning need:

  • Departing Clean - This message means the room contains a Guest that has, or will be, departing 'today'.  Bookings that are either still 'in-house' but expecting to depart, as well as those 'checked out', ie now status: complete, are considered Departing Clean.
  • Vacant Clean -  This message means the room has been vacant for at least one day. 
  • Stay Over Clean - this message means the room contains a Guest staying over, so a light clean is usually sufficient. 

Armed with the BookingCenter mobile app (or they can use a web browser), the User receives notification about their daily needs (no more Housekeeping sheets to print out!) and the system notates the time the request was sent.

Tracking Requests and Ready for Inspection

Then, when the User has cleaned the room, they can set it for 'Inspection', which automatically assigns the Request to their Housekeeping Supervisor.  This alerts the PMS that the Room is now under 'Inspect' status.  Or, alternatively, set the Request to 'complete' which both closes the request and also sets the Room 'clean' in the PMS. If using 'supervisors' for Housekeeping, the Supervisor automatically receives notification about each Room(s) are ready for their 'inspection', and  the Supervisor 'closes' the Request after inspection, triggering the PMS to set that Room 'clean' and ready for check-in.  Alternatively, the Supervisor could make comments about the cleaning and assign the Request to a User s/he chooses and that Housekeeper would be notified and the PMS updated that the Room is once agin 'Assigned' and not ready for rent.


The Housekeeping Users and/or Supervisory Users do not have to be employees of your property.  Often, they are outside contractors cleaning units both on- and off-site. That is the beauty of the HouseKeeping App - regardless of your 'vendor', each Unit can be assigned, and tracked, for the specific User you assign.  If the Request goes 'stale' the system has an escalation process to 'escalate' the Request to a manger for intervention.  

There is more detail on managing Users and their Role in MyPMS here, but for a User who will access only the Housekeeping App (ie, no login to MyPMS at all), enable these settings for them:

If the User wishes to also access the Housekeeping screen in MyPMS, enable these settings for them:

Webhook Notification to Guests

Another feature of the system is that, when combined with the Webhook notification, the HouseKeeping App will update an external web services to the status of each Request so that if you are using automatic triggers for 'Your Room is Clean' messages to waiting Guests, that can be automated, as well.

Escalating Requests

If a User is taking too long, or your Users need to re-allocate their cleaning schedule, no worries!  Anyone can login to the app (via mobile, desktop, or the PMS) and re-assign a Room to clean and/or supervise to someone else.  But if no one takes a Request, any User set with the category: Housekeeping App and 'escalation' turned on in their app, will receive a notification after 30 minutes - this escalation will persist until the request is moved from Status: New. 

Self Check-in Guest Requests

If a Guest is attempting to self check-in to their room via Mobile or a Kiosk, and the Room assigned to them is not clean, but the Arrival Time on the booking has come to pass, the Housekeeping staff will receive a message:

Attention A MyPMS Demo Hotel staff. A new request has just been received

  • Request: 1805
  • Name: The Housekeeping App
  • Room: 404
  • Request Name: My Hotel Housekeeping Request

A Guest Request is awaiting attention, click here to manage it. Please attend to it as soon as possible.

They can then focus on this room.

Manager Dashboard and Request Tracking

Because all events are logged, the HouseKeeping App lets you know the productivity of each HouseKeeper, with a Dashboard to watch productivity over time.

For step-by-step instructions on how to use The Housekeeping App, go to Mobile Housekeeping App User Guide