Hotel Incident Reports - go paperless!

Each property can create a default Incident Report template in order to record a Housekeeping, Maintenance, or other 'Incident' that requires written or photographic documentation attached to the Booking.  Created as a completely customizable letter(s), the one set as 'Default Letter' under the Incident Report section will open a template to be filled in and saved when a Housekeeper clicks 'Incident report' from a Request that has a Booking ID assigned.  Allowing the User to place a lengthy description of the issue, with up to 5 photos (uploaded from a computer and/or the mobile device being used by the User), each Incident report is automatically filled in with all relevant data (Guest, Room, Booking, Dates of Arrival/Depart, etc) and the resulting document is a date- and time -stamped, and saved under the "Letters" area of the specific Booking for easy retrieval in case of a dispute.

An example of a Housekeeping Incident letter can be viewed here.

In addition, the Incident Letter is offered as a download onto the user's mobile device (if your staff is using the mobile app) for storage locally.  The idea is to link the Incident Report to the actual Booking and keep it there forever.  Also, the written details of the Request (and all notes back and forth between Staff and/or Guests) are preserved in The Housekeeping App should they be needed.

The button staff click looks like this:

Note: a Booking number must be entered onto a Request in order to have the Create Incident report work.  If there is no booking, the following error will be displayed:

Sorry, we are unable to process your request. Please provide a valid Booking Number and/or Site

Mobile Housekeeping App

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