New Services, Features and Enhancements in 2020

As we kick off the new year, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few of the major enhancements and new features added to MyPMS this year. If you haven't had a chance to try all of the new features and functions added in 2019, we have put together a list of highlights with links to step-by-step instructions below. Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help. We look forward to an exciting 2021 with more enhancements, integrations, features, tutorials and webinars!


Kiosk Self Check-in

Kiosk Self Check-in is a series of services that differ from Mobile Self Check-in, in that the Guest will interact with a URL that is <usually> loaded onto an internet device (Mac, Windows, iPad, Android tablet, etc) in 'Kiosk mode' so that it neither looses power nor 'sleeps', already ready to serve your guests. When the Guest approaches the Kiosk, they can "Load a Booking and Check-in" and/or "Make A Booking". Optionally, for MyGuest users, the Kiosk can deliver these functions from within the Concierge, or the access to the Concierge can be delivered from the Kiosk before or after check-in. There are special Agents specifically for Kiosks, intended to make it easy for properties desiring Kiosks at multiple locations, for a variety of needs. Contact us to get started with Kiosk Self Check-in

Self Check-in Remote Lock Room Access Integration

BookingCenter can now link to a ‘lock system’ (whether keyless, swipe, RFID, Wi-Fi, or Low Energy BlueTooth) to your Self Check-in process giving you the ability to deliver unique remote lock access to each guest. Learn more about our Remote Lock Integration. NOTE: For other e-Lock implementations, the Guest Services Module is needed. We have more detail on the Guest Services Module here.

Self Check-in Mobile and/or Kiosk Onsite and Online Payment Options

The Self Check-in process can now automate payments via policies you establish. The method for acquiring an authorization or payment requires either Traditional MyCard or EMV MyCard. Or, you can offer a mix of payment options, with some bookings paying via an EMV terminal (what we call 'EMV MyCard') while others manually manage credit cards (what we call 'Traditional MyCard'). 

Mobile Housekeeping App

The Housekeeping App is a 'scaled down' version of the MyGuest system, specifically for customers who want a robust Housekeeping management system tied in the with MyPMS, but don't need other MyGuest features nor a Concierge interfaces.  Use for Daily Housekeeping (Full Clean or Stay Over cleans) are assigned individually, or in a Group, to Housekeeping staff (what BookingCenter calls 'Users').  Armed with the BookingCenter mobile app (or they can use a web browser), the User receives notification about their daily needs (no more Housekeeping sheets to print out!) and the time the request was sent.Learn more about Mobile Housekeeping App

Hotel Incident Reports

Each property can create their own default Incident Report in order to record a Housekeeping or Maintenance 'Incident' that requires written or photographic documentation.  Created as a completely customizable letter(s), the one set as 'Default Letter' under the Incident Report section will open a template to be filled in and saved when a Housekeeper clicks 'Incident report' from a Request that has a Booking ID assigned.  Allowing the User to place a lengthy description of the issue, with up to 5 photos (uploaded from a computer and/or the mobile device being used by the User), each Incident report is automatically filled in with all relevant data (Guest, Room, Booking, Dates of Arrival/Depart, etc) and the resulting document is a date- and time -stamped, and saved under the "Letters" area of the specific Booking for easy retrieval in case of a dispute. Learn more about the Incident Report


MyGuest Guest Request System

 NEW Payment Features

Website Booking Engine

Self Check-in