The Revenue Report creates a summary report of total Room Rent and Non-Room Revenue (excluding taxes) by: Country, Agent, Company, Guest Type, Rate Plan, Room Type, State, Source and User. This report is primarily used to analyze actual Room Rent (the posting of the RENT Item to a Group or individual Booking folio) generated by source, room type, etc. and includes # of room nights, ADR, total revenue and % of revenue.

It is useful for tracking revenue from specific channels or agents and can be used to see which room types are generating the highest % of Revenue and have the highest ADR, etc.

This is a historical report and should be run for a specific date or over a date range in the past. The room revenue data is generated from amounts actually posted to folios: Room Rent posted to folios during Night Audit and and Non-Room Revenue items charged.  This includes advanced charges to bookings (ARC). See  Advanced Charges Report (ARC) and any Inventory Items such as, "Cancellation Fees" that in are in the Inventory Group, "RENT" will be under "Non Room Revenue". See  Inventory Groups and Inventory Items. Note, this report does not account for postings to House Accounts.

Automatic emailed "Push" reports in MyPMS.: MyPMS Automated Reports gives you the ability to schedule daily delivery of the "Manager", "Occupancy" and "Revenue" Reports to a primary email and cc email if needed. The Revenue Report revenue data is sorted by Room Type for the past 30 days from the previous day's date. . To set up an automated Revenue Report, see Automated Reports

Things to know about the Revenue Report
  • This report should be run for dates in the past. Revenue data is generated from actual charges/payments to folios on or between the System Date(s) running the report.
  • There are times when Night Audit timing may cause discrepancies in the Revenue and Occupancy reports. Occupancy and Revenue are different reporting paradigms and not intended to be equal at all times. Revenue is RENT posted to a folio during a specific time frame. Occupancy is ROOMS occupied. See this KB Article for further explanation.
  • The revenue totals generated in a Revenue Report are for Room Rent and Non-Room Rent. To see only total Room Rent Revenue by source or for a specific time period, use the Bookings Report.  The room rent revenue on the Bookings Report will match the total room rent revenue in the Revenue Report if sorted by the same term.
  • There may be times where a Group Folio has had RENT posted (or other Charges) but the Group will not have any 'Room Days' to report. For example, if you had a Group folio that you posted RENT August 29, but the Group had no actual booking until September 5, then the RENT would post for the August 29 but there would be no Room Nights to calculate for that date.  The Room Nights would then post for Sep 5.
  • Revenue displayed in this report looks for any status (ie, status is CANCELLED, CONFIRMED, UNCONFIRMED, ACTIVE). 
  • Any Direct Bill (DB:) payments will NOT be returned on the Revenue report.
  • If a Booking has a $0 booking (ie, comp rate) but no Folio was ever populated with a charge and/or payment, then this makes no entry onto the Revenue report.  If you issue 'comp' room bookings in this manner, then the Revenue Report's nights totals will not match your Bookings Report for the same time period.
  • To see details on any non-room revenue, go to the Item Analysis Report
  • To compare productivity to previous periods, run the same report for different date ranges. You can save the reports to Excel or .csv to merge the data and graph the comparisons. See Saving Reports to Excel
  • You can also use Search Bookings to create detailed list of bookings filtered by search criteria such as, room type, rates, etc. This can be helpful in trying to locate any discrepancies.

"Revenue by" sort terms:

Keep in mind that some of the sort options in this report are generated from data you enter like Source and Guest Type - entering relevant terms can help with planning and marketing.

The following sort terms can be entered and customized in setup.

  • Guest Type - We provide default Guest Type terms like 'Return" and "Phone". These can be edited and you can add more Guest Types in the Setup Area. We encourage you to setup Guest Types that are relevant to you like Return, First Time Guest, Referral, etc. Guest Types are entered in the Booking Data of each booking.
  • Sources - We provide default Source terms like 'Unknown" and "website". These can be edited and you can add more sources in the Setup Area. We encourage you to setup Sources that are relevant to sources you are using like Groupon, Travel Agent, Front Desk, Etc. Sources are entered in the Booking Data of each booking.
  • Agent - Name of Travel Agent entered in booking. This will say "None" if not entered in booking data   .
  • Company - Company name in booking data if entered. This will be blank if not entered .
To create a Revenue Report:
  • Click on Revenue Report
  • Choose Date: Choose a single date or date range. I.e. for a single date choose Dec. 1, 2015 and Dec. 1, 2015 in both the start and end dates. 
  • Revenue By: Sorts revenue by chosen term in drop down list: Agent, Company, Guest Type, Rate Plan, Room Type, Source and User.  You must choose a sort term. Note: All reports will result in the same revenue amount, but will say "none" for Agent and "unassigned" for Company if none is chosen in the Booking data. 
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report
Revenue Report displays the following information:
  • First column: This column is titled with the sort term you chose. I.e. if you choose Source, the first column will be title Source. If you choose Room Type, the first column will be titled Room Type.
  • Room Nights: Total number of nights in all the sort term chosen.
  • ADR: Average daily rate of the total bookings made by the sort term. % of Rate Revenue from the rates saved with the bookings - NOT the actual RENT posted to the folios.
  • Room Revenue: Total Room Revenue from booking NOT including taxes. This displays totals from the rates originally saved with the bookings - not any charges (such as RENT) posted to the folio(s)
  • Non Room Revenue: This is the sum of all Inventory Items excluding RENT posted on folios for bookings in the date range queried.  For example, if you have a 'Cancellation Fee' that is part of the Inventory Group: RENT this is still considered as 'Non Room Revenue' on the reports.
  • % Room Revenue: % of total room revenue by the sort term chosen. Total Room Revenue from bookings NOT including taxes. This displays totals from the rates originally saved with the bookings - not any charges (such as RENT) posted to the folio(s).
  • % Total Revenue: This is the percentage of total revenue (including sum of room & non room) for each category in the 'Revenue By' selection.

See report examples: Bookings Report Source and Bookings Report Room Type

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