Sources, like Agents, are used to track the origin of bookings. Unlike Agents, Sources do not affect pricing, availability or commissions. Sources are viewed in the booking details of all guest bookings,  see Booking Information,  and used in some reports as a sort function in sales reports, see such as the Revenue Report and the Bookings Report, You can also use this function to create Booking and Guest Marketing lists using Search Bookings.

Sources can be used on the website booking process and selected by the Guest to find out where they are finding your property. However, this must be enabled in SETUP | SETTINGS | BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS and set to Publish Online "Yes". See below.

Sources in Online Bookings

  • Bookings from your website automatically have the Source filled in as "WEB"
  • Bookings from OTA Channel Connections and GDS will autmatically have the Source filled in. For example, "Expedia", "", etc.

Common Examples of Sources created for the Front Desk are Groups, Corporate, Walk-ins, Phone, Referral, etc.  To understand how to create custom HTML links to track Source Codes, read more here.

In this section

To see create, edit and manage Sources, go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | SOURCES. Your list of Sources will appear in the default view.

To add a Source: Click Add and a new browser window will open to add Source details.

  • Source I.D.:  Enter a source ID that identifies the source. Examples include REF for Referral, or FB for Facebook. Enter letters or #'s, max. of 8 characters
  • Description: Enter a short description. This description will appear in the drop-down list for Source In Booking Information.
  • Notes: Optional notes for the source
  • Publish Online: Set to "yes" to publish to your website and "no" to have it only appear on the drop-down list at your front desk.
  • Sort: Indicate a Sort # to order your list in the drop-down menu in Booking Information. See Booking Information

To Edit a Source: Click on a the Source Name and a new browser window will open. Here you can edit all fields EXCEPT for the Source I.D. which must remain for data records. Click Save when finished.

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