Most of the Booking Information fields are optional and can be filled out as completely as needed.

The three required fields are used for tracking guest booking behavior and payment methods.They can be edited here at any time.

The Source and Guest Types fields are useful for keeping track of booking information used in guest marketing and tracking as well as in Reports. Plan out the information you will use and enter it in the SETUP Area in Parameters Tab . The more detailed this information is, the easier the data will be to track and report.

To see how you can search Booking Information and create reports see Search Bookings.

The Arrival, Departure and Check-in date can not be edited in this section. Use the Edit tab to edit this information

  • Source:  Sources can be used for tracking revenue and bookings for marketing email. It typically indicates the source of the booking and where it was generated. All GDS bookings will be Add/Edit Sources
  • Room Type: Displays Room Type chosen when the booking was created. To change the Room Type go to the  Edit tab
  • Room: Displays Room # chosen when booking was created. If there are other rooms available for that Room Type, change it here. If you are changing Room Types, reassign room in the Room Assignment Tab.
  • Group: If the booking is attached to a group, it will display here. To attach a booking to a group, select the group from the drop down list. To unattach a booking from a group, use the Removing a Booking from a Group Booking
  • Rate Plan: Displays Rate Plan chosen when booking was created. To change the Rate Plan or enter manual Rate, go to the  Edit tab
  • Guest Type: often used for marketing purposes, however guest types can be used to offer discounts (i.e Seniors or Repeat Guests) Setting up Guest Types
  • PO Number: Optional
  • Travel Agent: Travel Agents are referenced by their IATA number or by name. Many Travel Agencies have the same name, but the IATA # is always unique so we recommend using the IATA number. To edit the Travel Agent information or the company information, click on the underlined word, "Travel Agent" or "Company" after the company or travel agent has been selected using EZ Search. Setup Travel Agents
  • Company: Enter the Company name if needed. If you choose Direct Bill as a payment type, you will need to enter a company name. Add/Edit Company
  • Guest Comments: Guest Comments stay with the guest history and show up in all past, present and future bookings. See Booking and Guest Comments
  • Booking Comments: Booking Comments are unique to that booking. An example of a Guest Comment would be, "needs handicapped room". See Booking and Guest Comments
  • CRS Confirmation: CRS Confirmation field is reserved for any booking that is made through a CRS channel and will automatically be populated.
  • Tax Exempt: Checking this box will charge Room Rent WITHOUT Taxes calculated in the folio.
  • Projected Income: Projected Income shows the projected income of the booking at the time of creation including any taxes or service charges.See Booking Header The Room Rent calculated in this field is based on the total Room Rent for the booking as shown in the Room List at the Bottom of the Booking Data tab. 
  • Folio Balance: Displays the balance of folio including any deposits taken.
  • Last Modified by: Displays the user ID of the user who last modified the booking.
  • Created on: Displays date that the booking was created.
  • Guaranteed By: Payment type for the booking Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, etc) Direct Bill and possibly non credit card payment types (Cash, Traveler's Check etc). Set up Receipt Types
  • Time of Arrival & Time of Departure: Enter in 24 hour time.