To view, add or edit Receipt Types, go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | RECEIPT TYPES. The screen will default to the Receipt Types list as shown below.

Every booking requires a payment method to complete the Booking. These payment methods are called Receipt Types in the PMS system i.e. Cash, check, Visa, etc. Receipt Types can be added, edited or deleted and enabled to appear on your booking engine. Note: MyCard users CAN NOT Delete or modify the credit card receipt types accepted in the system. See Credit Card Receipt Types

The payment method or receipt type is required when making a booking and is selected in the "Guaranteed By" field. See Booking Information. They can also be selected in Reports or Search Bookings for Guest Data information.

Common receipt types include: Cash , Check, Deposit, Write Off, Gift Certificate, VI (Visa), AX (American Express), CA (MasterCard), and DS (Discover).  

Note that there are a few 'special condition' Receipt Types that you should not delete:

  1. ADDPAYMENT.  This  Receipt is used by the Self Check-in system to be set in the Guaranteed by: field of the Booking Data page to note that the Guest must place a new credit card in order to Self Check-in. This is commonly used when a virtual credit card (from Expedia or for example) is used in a booking but a 'guest credit card' is needed for incidental charges or damages. When this Receipt Type is set in the Guaranteed by: field of the Booking, a message "Please enter a credit card for incidental charges or damages" is displayed to the Guest and requires them to add a valid payment method before completing Self Check-in.
  2. DB: Direct Bill.  This Receipt Type is used for posting to the A/R Accounts of a Company and is needed for the Direct Bill/ Accounts Receivables system to function for properties using this system.
  3. UN: Unknown.  This is a Receipt served for bookings that night come in with a Receipt Type that has not been properly setup, thus is reserved for these 'edge case' situations.
In this section

To Add a Receipt Type: To Add a new Receipt Type, click Add at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • I.D.:  Enter a Receipt Type I.D. that describes the Receipt Type.  Examples include CASH or WRITEOFF. This for Internal use only and will not be viewed by guests. I.D. must be alpha/numeric only. Do not use punctuation, symbols or hyphens. Use a max. of 10 Characters, 5 characters or less is preferred.
  • Description: Enter a short description. This description will appear in the drop-down list for Receipt Type In Booking Information.
  • Credit Card: Enter Indicates whether the payment type is a credit card.
  • Online: To enable the Receipt Type to be available and visible to guests on your website, choose "yes"
  • Live: To make the Receipt Type appear as a Payment method, this must be set to live. Choose "yes" to make this active.
  • Sort: Indicate a Sort # to order your list in the drop-down menu in Booking Information. See Booking Information
  • Click Save when finished.

To Edit a Receipt Type:To edit a Receipt Type, click Edit at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • All fields can be edited EXCEPT for the Receipt Type I.D. which is needs to be preserved for data integrity. Modify all fields as necessary.
  • If you no longer need the receipt type, click delete.
  • Click Save when finished.

Credit Card Receipt Types

Despite the fact that it is safe to give credit card numbers with bookings, many guests are afraid. The Booking form uses 128 bit SSL encryption to protect guest credit card details. You may wish to give them payment options that do not require providing a credit card. One option is 'Phone or Fax'. This allows the guest to make a booking, print a special form that can be used to send follow up payment by phone or fax.

If you are using MyPMS's feature of being able to process credit cards through a payment gateway, you are able to make the deposit process automatically when guests make bookings online AND/OR when you use the 'Add Receipt' feature to a booking in the Members Area. In effect, this allows the system to act as your credit card processing terminal by allocating authorization and transaction IDs to each Receipt used that is marked 'credit card'. You may also wish to require use of the CVV2 (commonly called 'Card ID'). If so you can enable this setting under Setup | Site Details.

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