EZSearch has additional functionality. It is often used to populate other areas of the screen. For instance, if it is used on the "Company" text box on the rates page, the page will refresh and new rates may be available that are only available to that company. The main difference here is that if the user presses TAB, attempting to enter new company name, this will not work and no company association will be made.

Unexpected Results:
If the EZ Search does not refresh the screen and display data as you expect it to, use the mouse to put the cursor at the last letter in the text box and enter an additional letter, or erase the last letter and re-enter it.
If EZ Search does not appear to be functioning properly, check your Internet Advanced Settings. A description of how to do this and what to look for is located Under the Heading, Troubleshooting, Subheading, Internet Advanced Settings.

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