Customize MyBooking to your property

There are several settings in the Setup Area of MyPMS that are used to customize the MyBooking to your property.

You may already have some or all of these set up for your website booking engine. The booking engine settings that are already enabled will automatically be used on your MyBooking App.

The following items should be setup and information entered to customize customize MyBooking to your Property

Customized Logo and Banner

If you do not have a logo added in Features and Images, it will display in the footer of MyBooking. 

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To add a logo to MyBooking, go to SETUP | SETTINGS | FEATURES AND IMAGES.  The image seen under Logo will appear at the top of the Log in screen. To add a a logo, See Add Image

Custom Email/Print Letter

To create the customized Email/SMS guests receive to start check-in and receive room entry details, see MyBooking - Email/Print Custom Letter

Deposit, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policy Message

These policies will display in the Polices section of MyBooking. See Marketing And Policies