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MyBooking lets the guest email or print booking details of current, future and past bookings, print an invoice of a past booking or cancel a selected booking. All of which will generate a letter that has been customized to your property in MyPMS.

Each of the letters used in these functions is created as a Custom Letter in MyPMS and designated as a MyBooking Letter in SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS. The Letters created are completely customizable and can be formatted in any style you choose. It can also contain any booking details you choose such as,roomtype, room, rate, folio charges, etc. using custom merge fields. See Merge Fields - Individual Letter

There are three Custom Letters that need to be created in MyPMS for the following functions: When a guest uses these functions, the custom letter you create and designate in MyPMS will automaticallybe generatedandemailed to the Guest. 

  1. "Email" and "Print" The Email/Print Letter is generated when the Guest clicks either one of these functions
  2. "Cancel" A Guest can cancel a selected booking by clicking the Cancel button.
  3. "Print Invoice" There is also a "Print Invoice" function available for Past Stays. The letter used as the Invoice for this function is also created and designated as the MyBooking Print Invoice in MyPMS.

See below for details on where the functions are located in MyBooking.

"Email" and "Print" Function

The "Send Email" and "Print" function is available for all Future bookings and Past Stays.

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"Cancel" Function

A Guest can cancel the selected booking by clicking the Cancel button. This function is only available for future bookings under the "View Bookings" Tab.

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"Print Invoice" Function

The Past Stays also includes a Print Invoice function. This function is only available onpast bookings under the "Past Stays " Tab.

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