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What is MyBooking?

MyBooking ( is an online booking app that offers a personalized site for guests to manage their bookings and guest profile.The EMAIL and the PASSWORD is unique to each Guest. Therefore, the guest will be able to login to view and manage all of their bookings, both past and future. NOTE: New Bookings cannot be made on MyBooking, there must be an existing Booking ID and a password set for a guest to be able to login.

By logging in to, a guest can view, email, print, add to a calendar the Booking Details or cancel a booking. The guest can also edit their contact information and see booking history without having to contact the property directly.

All changes made by the guest are automatically updated to MyPMS. When a guest cancels a booking in MyBooking, the booking will update in MyPMS and the status will change to Cancelled. Likewise, any changes made to Guest Details is automatically updated to the Guest Booking Information in MyPMS.

MyBooking can be customized to your property by adding a logo, displaying your marketing policies and creating customized letters.

Features and Benefits of MyBooking

For the Guest

  • View,emaior print Booking Details
  • Add Booking to Ical  and Google Calendar
  • Cancel an upcoming booking
  • View booking history - past stays andcancelledbookings.
  • Print an Invoice of a past stay.
  • See a booking summary of past stays.
  • Edit Guest Profile information.

See MyBooking - User Guide

For the Property

  • Seamless updates to MyPMS
  • Customized logo
  • Display deposit, confirmation, and cancellation policy
  • Customized confirmation letter with USER ID and PASSWORD

See MyBooking - Customize to Property

Note: The MyBooking App is available to MyPMS customers who currently subscribe to the MyGuest Web Service.