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Daily Reports area contains Reports for viewing and tracking Arrivals, Departures, Cancellations, Item charges,Booking Comments, In house Guest Balances, Credit Card Settlements, etc. 

They can be run for a specific date or date range in the past, present or future and sorted by various data such as Room, Arrival and Departure dates, etc. For example, if you needed to see the booking comments for all guests arriving this Saturday, run the Booking Comments Report by Arrival Date and you will see a list of all bookings that have Booking Comments. To see a list of all Arrivals, run the Arrivals Report.

Daily Reports can be used in conjunction with Managers and Accounting Reports to provide details on bookings and transactions for specific dates. For example, If you run the Transactions Report and want to see the folio balances and deposits of in-house guests, then run the In-House Guest Ledger. Or, if you run the Revenue Report and want to see a detailed breakdown of Non-Room Revenue, then run the Item Analysis Report

As a front desk manager, we know that you need to find information quickly and easily. Use this guide to help identify the reports most relevant to your property operations.

Overview and Guide to Daily Reports

Arrivals - displays Arrivals by Room Number,  Guest Name or Arrival Time. The Report includes the Room, Room Type, Guest Name, Payment Type and Arrival/Departure Dates.

Departures - Departures by Room Number,  Guest Name or Arrival Time. The Report includes the Room, Room Type, Guest Name, Payment Type and Arrival/Departure Dates.

Cancellation - Displays cancelled bookings by arrival date or cancellation date on a specific date you choose.  This includes Online Bookings made through the website, OTA channels and GDS.

Booking Comments – This report allows a manager to view a report consisting of Booking, Folio or Guest comments and sort them by a variety of ways so that front desk staff and can be prepared on a daily basis.

Batch Settlements - All settled credit card transactions on the selected date or date range. See sample. Also, see Batch Settlements

High Balance – This report chooses folios whose balances have surpassed the authorized amount taken at check in. Or, if an 'incremental auth' was done, that are higher than that amount. Basically, whose account balance has exceeded that authorized amount. This report allows one to see which bookings may be in trouble with being able to apply payment.

In-House Guest Ledger - Displays all guest currently In-house.

In-House - Displays all guest currently In-house.

Item Analysis - Displays all of the Inventory Items sold in "Add Charge" OTHER than Room Rent in a chosen date range.The Report includes the Booking #, Room, Folio Name, Item, Date, User, QTY, Extended Price.

Print Reg Cards. Click here to open a new window with a complete print of ALL of the Arrivals on today's date. Click Print on the screen or use the print function in your browser.

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