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The Departures Report displays departing guests on a specific date you choose by Room Number, Guest Name or Departure Time.

Use this report to quickly get a list of departing guests with a summary of the booking details including Room, Room Type, Guest Name, Payment Type and Arrival/Departure Dates. etc.

This report can be run for dates in the past or future for review and planning purposes.

To create an Arrivals Report:
  • Click on Departures
  • Choose Date: Choose a single date. This can be in the past or future.
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The Departures Report displays the following information:

  • Booking ID: Confirmation # of booking
  • Rooms: Room assignment of booking
  • Room Type: Description of Room Type.
  • Name: Name of Guest
  • Company: Name of company if entered
  • Rate: Nightly Rate of booking
  • Pay Type: Receipt Type
  • Adults: # of Adults
  • Children: # of Children
  • Infants: # of infants
  • Arrival Date: Arrival date of booking.

See an example: Departures Reports

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