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The In-House Guest Ledger Report displays the guest, booking and folio details for all In-house (active) guests. This means that guests must be checked in and active to appear on this report.

Because it is a running list of in-house guests, the report does not provide a date picker and will show all guests with status "active" regardless of arrival date. When the guest checks out and is no longer in-house, the booking will drop off this report.

The In-House Guest Ledger Report is useful for seeing a summary of current balances due and can be used in conjunction with Managers and Accounting Reports. For example, Use the In-house Guest Ledger Report with theTransactions Report to help account for the difference between any amounts charged and payments received on a specific date. This is typically due to things like advanced deposits made, payment of a booking at check in and advanced charge made to a future booking. These transactions often occur on different dates than the actual room rent for the booking is charged.

To create an In-House Guest Ledger Report:
  • Click on In-House Guest Ledger
  • Choose Sort Term: Sort the Report by Room, Room Type, Booking #  or Arrival Date
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The In-House Guest Ledger Report displays the following information:

  • Room #: Room assignment of booking
  • Room Type: Description of Room Type.
  • Name: Name of Guest
  • Payment Type: Payment method chosen in Guaranteed by
  • Avg Nightly Rate: Average Rates for all nights of the booking.
  • Adults: # of Adults
  • Children: # of Children
  • Infants: # of infants
  • Confirmation #: Confirmation # of booking
  • Group: Group Name if part of a group booking
  • Grp Master Balance: Balance of Group Master Folio if part of a group booking
  • Proj Income: Projected total of booking including tax.
  • Deposits Paid: Any deposits made or payments taken
  • Folio Balance: Current balance of folio
  • Second Bal: Balance of additional folios if added.
  • Auth Amount: (MyCard Users) Amount authorized on credit card if applicable.
  • Arrival Date: Arrival date of booking
  • Departure Date:  Departure date of booking

See an example: In House Guest Ledger Report



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