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The In-House Guest Ledger Report displays the guest, booking and folio details for all In-house (active) guests. This means that guests must be checked in and active to appear on this report.

Because it is a running list of in-house guests, the report does not provide a date picker and will show all guests with status "active" regardless of arrival date. When the guest checks out and is no longer in-house, the booking will drop off this report.

The In-House Guest Ledger Report is useful for seeing a summary of current balances due and can be used in conjunction with Managers and Accounting Reports. For example, Use the In-house Guest Ledger Report with theTransactions Report to help account for the difference between any amounts charged and payments received on a specific date. This is typically due to things like advanced deposits made, payment of a booking at check in and advanced charge made to a future booking. These transactions often occur on different dates than the actual room rent for the booking is charged.  

This report is also helpful to identify Long Term Stay and Extended Stay guests needing additional payments. For example, if the Folio Balance is negative, then the property is in fine shape with a balance the guest is still 'working off'.  But as this negative gets closer to $0, the property visually sees who needs their Folio paid or approached for a follow up payment to get extra 'credit'.

To create an In-House Guest Ledger Report:
  • Click on In-House Guest Ledger
  • Choose Sort Term: Sort the Report by Room, Room Type, Booking #  or Arrival Date
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The In-House Guest Ledger Report displays the following information:

  • Room #: Room assignment of booking
  • Room Type: Description of Room Type.
  • Name: Name of Guest
  • Payment Type: Payment method chosen in Guaranteed by
  • Avg Nightly Rate: Average Rates for all nights of the booking.
  • Adults: # of Adults
  • Children: # of Children
  • Infants: # of infants
  • Confirmation #: Confirmation # of booking
  • Group: Group Name if part of a group booking
  • Grp Master Balance: Balance of Group Master Folio if part of a group booking
  • Proj Income: Projected total of booking including tax.
  • Deposits Paid: Any deposits made or payments taken
  • Folio Balance: Current balance of folio
  • Second Bal: Balance of additional folios if added.
  • Auth Amount: (MyCard Users) Amount authorized on credit card if applicable.
  • Arrival Date: Arrival date of booking
  • Departure Date:  Departure date of booking

See an example: In House Guest Ledger Report

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