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Daily Reports area contains Reports for viewing and tracking Arrivals, Departures, Cancellations, Item charges,Booking Comments, In house Guest Balances, Credit Card Settlements, etc. 

They can be run for a specific date or date range in the past, present or future and sorted by various data such as Room, Arrival and Departure dates, etc. For example, if you needed to see the booking comments for all guests arriving this Saturday, run the Booking Comments Report by Arrival Date and you will see a list of all bookings that have Booking Comments. To see a list of all Arrivals, run the Arrivals Report.

Daily Reports can be used in conjunction with Managers and Accounting Reports to provide details on bookings and transactions for specific dates. For example, If you run the Transactions Report and want to see the folio balances and deposits of in-house guests, then run the In-House Guest Ledger. Or, if you run the Revenue Report and want to see a detailed breakdown of Non-Room Revenue, then run the Item Analysis Report

As a front desk manager, we know that you need to find information quickly and easily. Use this guide to help identify the reports most relevant to your property operations.

Understanding Reports
MyPMS User Manual - Reports

Overview and Guide to Daily Reports

Arrivals The Arrivals Report displays Arriving guests for a specific date sorted by Room Number, Guest Name or Arrival Time. Use this report to quickly get a list of arrivals with a summary of the booking details including Room, Room Type, Guest Name, Payment Type and Arrival/Departure Dates. etc.

Departures The Departures Report displays departing guests on a specific date you choose by Room Number, Guest Name or Departure Time.Use this report to quickly get a list of departing guests with a summary of the booking details including Room, Room Type, Guest Name, Payment Type and Arrival/Departure Dates. etc.

Cancellation Displays cancelled bookings by arrival date or cancellation date on a specific date you choose.  This includes Online Bookings made through the website, OTA channels and GDS.

Booking Comments The Booking Comments Report displays the guest booking comments entered into each booking. There are three types of booking comments that can be entered in the booking: Booking Comments, Guest Comments and Folio Comments. See Booking and Guest Comments and Edit Folio to learn more about how to enter and modify Booking Comments.

Batch Settlements - For MyCard Customers only. The Batch Settlement report displays all settled credit card transactions on the selected date or date range.This includes payments, refunds and credits. It does not report Authorization amounts, ONLY settled transactions. Also, see MyCard Batch Settlements

High Balance For MyCard Customers only. The High Balance Report brings to the attention of the management which bookings may need an additional or increased authorization amount or need a payment taken. Effectively, it tells management to 'watch out' for charges that may exceed authorized amount.

In-House Guest Ledger - Displays all guest currently In-house.

In-House - Displays all guest In-house on a specific date or date range.

Item Analysis  Displays all of the Inventory Items sold in "Add Charge" OTHER than Room Rent in a chosen date range.The Report includes the Booking #, Room, Folio Name, Item, Date, User, QTY, Extended Price.

Print All Reg Cards The Print Reg Cards function creates a printable document with ALL of the Registration Cards for Guests Arriving on a particular Date. The Registration Card itself is created and edited in Letters and must be set as the Default Letter in order to attach to the Print Reg Cards button.

Typical Reports used on a Daily Basis

Find a Quick List of the daily arrivals, departures and in house guests?

Which Reports should I run at the beginning and end of the day? We have a variety of Reports to fit your property needs, but here are some common daily Reports.

Manager's Reports - Which Reports should Managers run at the end of the day?

Below are a list of commonly referred to Abbreviations in MyPMS.

  • ARD - Advanced Room Deposit, commonly referred to as an Advanced Deposit.
  • ARC - Advanced Room Charge, commonly referred to as an Advanced Charge.
  • ADR - Average Daily Rate. This is the Average Daily Rate of a booking, or bookings over a period of time. For example you have a three day booking with Friday arrival. The first night rate is $250, the second night rate is $250 and the third night rate is $175 the ADR is $215 (675 / 3).
  • GBW - Group Booking Wizard
  • RevPar - Revenue Per Available Room is an important metric relevant to the hotel industry. Often it is utilized as a primary statistic indicating the overall financial performance of a property. RevPar is calculated based on a formula of Occupancy % * ADR.
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