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The Tax Transactions Report displays every taxable transaction posted during the time period selected with the transaction amount and the tax amount charged to that transaction.

Each taxable transaction is reported on the date that the transaction was posted in the system.Therefore, Room Rent posted during night audit will display on the date of night audit. Manual Room Rent charges and additional charges will be reported on the date the transaction was posted to the folio.

When an adjustment or transaction is removed from the folio, it will be reported on the date the transaction posted to the folio. The report will display the amount as a negative number in both the "Taxable Charge" and "Tax Adjustment" columns. For example, a Room Rent charge of $75 with 10% tax of $7 is removed from the folio by using the "trash can" icon. The Room Rent and the Tax will be removed from the folio and displayed as $-75 in the "Taxable Charge" column and -$7 in the "Tax Adjustment column. For adjustments made to bookings outside of the date range chosen in the report. locate the booking by searching by folio # in the Front Desk.

The Report categorizes transactions by each Tax set up in the system. For example, the Primary tax (like Occupancy Tax)  will display all Room Rent transactions and a Sales Tax will display all the Transactions with the tax applied in Inventory Items. See Tax Configuration. Bookings that have been set to "Tax Exempt" in the Booking Data of the booking will not appear in this report. See Tax Exempt Report and Booking Data

To run a Tax Transactions Report:

  • Choose Date: Choose a single date or date range. I.e. for a single date choose Dec. 1, 2015 and Dec. 1, 2015 in both the start and end dates.
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report
The Tax Transactions Report displays the following information:
  • Room: Room assignment of Booking
  • Folio: Folio # of booking.
  • Folio Name: Name of folio to which the transaction is charged. I.e. primary folio, group master folio, house account folios
  • Date: Date the transaction posted
  • Description: Description of transaction. Room Rent description automatically fills in during night audit. Manual charges will display the description entered by the user.
  • Taxable Charge: Amount charged in transaction. Or, if a negative number, then it is the amount of the adjustment made to the folio.
  • Tax Amount: Tax amount charged on the transaction.
  • Tax Adjustment: Displays amount of tax credited when Room Rent and Manual transactions are removed from the folio.
  • User: User ID for front desk users; XML for website bookings; admin for online bookings including OTA channels.

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