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The OTA Booking Reconciliation Report is designed to help with reconciling and Expedia commissions with the actual amount charged to the booking.

The report displays the status of each booking and the total room rent charged for completed bookings during a specific date range.

When the report is run for a past date range, then bookings that are completed or canceled will display.

When the report is run for a future date range, then only canceled bookings will display.

To create an OTA Booking Reconciliation Report:
  • Click on OTA Booking Reconciliation Report
  • Choose a date: Choose a single date or date range.
  • Choose the report format: HTML, Excel or Text.
  • Click Generate Report

The OTA Booking Reconciliation Report displays the following information:

Report is categorized by and Expedia bookings

  • Check out Date: Date of check out
  • Booking ID: Confirmation # of booking
  • Status: Status of booking
  • Rooms Cost: Total Room Rent charged to booking without tax
  • Name: Name of Guest
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