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Accounting Reports provide a daily summary and a running month and year to date total of all transactions: revenue, charges, and payments, etc.  

The Reports can be run for a specific date or date range and sorted by various data such as source, agent and room type.

The Reports give a summary view and detailed information when needed. For example, run the Transaction Summary Report to see a summary of transactions. To see the details of the transactions, run the Transactions Reports.

The most comprehensive summary or "day-at-a-glance" transactions is the Transaction Summary Report This report is often run daily to see daily transactions:. The report provides a summary of daily, month-to-date and year-to-date totals of charges, payments, and AR payments. 

The most comprehensive summary or "day-at-a-glance" for the business is the Manager's Report.

The transactions displayed in the Transaction Summary Report can also be seen in the Manager's Report. This report is often run daily to see daily activity and transactions. The report provides a summary of daily, month-to-date and year-to-date totals of revenue, charges, payments, AR Accounts, ARC, ARD and Forecasted Occupancy.

As a manager, we know that you need to find information quickly and easily. Use this guide to help identify the reports most relevant to you. 

To start with, use these two reports to get a picture of the current day, week, month, etc. transactions,

Transaction Summary: Summary of all transactions for the day, Month to date and Year to date.If you need to see details of these transactions, then go to the summary Report.

Transactions: Detailed report of every transaction made during a specific date range. 

To reconcile any differences between transactions charged and payments received, use these two reports:

Advance Deposits: Running total of all deposits taken before the check in date.

Advance Charges: Running total of all charges posted before the check in date.

To get a report of all of your taxable transactions and taxes paid by date range, use this report:

Tax Transactions Report The Tax Transactions Report displays every taxable transaction posted during the time period selected with the transaction amount and the tax amount charged to that transaction.

If you take Direct Bill Payments:

Accounts Receivable Aging: shows money owed by clients with credit and how overdue it may be 30, 60, 90,120 days.

If you have Travel Agents:

Travel Agent Commissions: This report makes is easy to keep track of agents and commissions based on the amount set for each individual Travel Agent.

If you use MyCard Payment Processing:

Batch Settlements: These reports are only available for clients who use the MyCard integrated credit card processing feature.( under Daily Reports)

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