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Manage rates and availability on your website by managing the Room Type allocations in the Agent Relationships section of the Setup area. The rooms and rates that you allocate here will appear your guests when bookings are made on your  website.

  • Go to SETUP|RELATIONSHIPS|AGENT RELATIONSHIPS. You will see a list of Agents and Channels.
  • Agent BC  is the channel that is distributing rooms to your website. To see Room Type and Rate allocations to this channel, click on the number of rooms shown in the the column labeled Room Allocated. For example 26 of 32.
  • You will then see a list of the Room Types and Rate Plans allocated. At this point you can add a Room Type or delete a Room Type.
    • To add an allocation: Click on Add and choose a Room Type from the dropdown list. A dropdown list will appear with a list of Rate Plans to associate with the Room Type. Choose the 100% of allocation and click Save.
    • To Delete and allocation: Click the Delete button on the Room Type you wish to delete.

Note: You can add multiple Room Type/Rate Plan combinations. For example, If you wanted to offer the same NSK (non smoking king) Room Type at 3 different rates (i.e., Rack, AAA, and COR), then you would need to the Room Type 3 times each with the separate and corresponding Rate attached. One for the RACK, one for the AAA, and one for a COR rate. This would allow your guest to choose from these 3 rates when booking the NSK rooms.

Go to SETUP | SETTINGS |BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS to set up features and functions for your website and change the system labeling.

Booking Engine Settings affect how your rooms display and what information required from guests. Although most of these are primarily for your website, there are a couple of settings that do effect the Front Desk and GDS Bookings. These fields are labeled with (Front desk) and (GDS). If you are using buuteeq as your interface, then much of this information is controlled in your buuteeq interface.

See Property Profile Website and GDS and System Setup

When you click on Booking Engine Settings,  the screen will appear with the default settings shown below which are available to enable certain features on your Booking Engine. To edit these Settings, click Edit at the lower right of the screen. See image below.

For details on each section and how to Edit the information, see Booking Engine Settings


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