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  • Blocking out rooms for a specific time period
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There are three methods to block or close availabiity for one room or a  group of rooms, for a specific time period. Choose the method that best fits the way you want to manage the Availability Block Out.  Any one of these methods will block all availability to your Front desk and all channels: website, GDS and all agents, etc. 

To block availability, use one of these three methods:

  • Tape Chart: Use Out of Order Room OOO on the Tape Chart to close Rooms. This fastest and easiest way to take a single room out of availability or a group of rooms of rooms for short time period. If you need to take a booking for the out of order room(s), the room will first need to be made available on the Tape Chart.See Marking a Room "Out of Order"
  • Manage Rates: Use "Closed to Arrival" for each Rate plan.Use to close rate plans for a specific period of time. By closing a Rate, the room type associated with it will not be available. Remember that if you have multiple rates assigned to a Room Type, all of the Rate plans for that Room Type would need to be closed. See Manage Rates
  • Group Booking:  Use for blocking out all or a subset of Room Types and/or rooms while making it easy to take bookings if needed. See Group Booking Wizard.  Using this method the rooms will still be available for bookings if needed, but will be removed from availability. You can also cancel the Group Booking and free up the rooms immediately. See Hard and Soft Allocations
    • Create a Group Booking, using a placeholder name, to hard allocate rooms for a specific time period. Go to BOOKINGS | GROUP BOOKING WIZARD to set up a "placeholder" group and then create the group booking.We recommend using a Group Guest Name like "Block Out" to make the searching for the "Block out" Group easier. Remember, hard allocation blocks out Room Types. If you want to block out specific rooms, then you should assign rooms to the booking with a placeholder. See Hard and Soft Room Allocation
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