Understanding Room Type and Rate Plan Allocations

A Room Type/Rate Plan allocation controls the availability of Rooms and the Rates you offer  in each channel. Room Type/Rate Plan allocations are also used to sell packages,  discounted rates and for Promo Codes. The Room Types and Rate Plans available to allocate in the channels are already setup in Room Types and Default Rates or Packages. When you add Room Type/Rate Plan allocation to a channel, all of the rooms assigned to that Room Type will be available at the Rate Plan you have assigned to it.

You can use the current Room Types you have set up or create new Room Types and Rate Plans and Packages for use in a specific channel. The functions you decide to use depends on how you want to manage your online distribution and the complexity of your Room Type and Rate Plan Structure.

Understanding how you can use combinations of Room Type and Rate Plan allocations and control the restrictions through Manage Rates will help you in managing availability.

Managing Room Type and Rate Plan Allocations

Allocating a Room Type and Rate Plan involves the same function for all channels in Agent Relationships.To see which Room Types and Rate Plans are allocated to an Agent Channel or to ADD or DELETE a Room Type allocation, click on blue link that displays the number of rooms allocated in the "Rooms Allocated" column for the corresponding Agent. For example, 15 of 17. When you click on this number a new screen will open with a List of the Room Types and corresponding Rate Plans you have allocated to that Agent. At this point you can Add or Delete a Room Type Allocation.See Add or Delete Allocation.

Overall, the Room Type Allocation function can be use in the following ways:

  1. Use one Rate Plan for different Room Types in one channel. For example, STANDARD Rate Plan is allocated to Room Type STANDARD and Room Type STANDARDVIEW.
  2. Multiple Rate Plans can be allocated to one Room Type in the same Channel to offer different rates for the same room.  For example, a QUEEN Room Type with a Standard Rate, Weekend Special Package and Seasonal Rate all allocated individually and only accessible if the booking meets rate and availability restrictions. See Rate Restrictions. Packages and Manage Rates
  3. Use Rate Loading to Increase or decrease the Rates of all of the Room Types and Rate Plans allocated in the entire channel. See Rate Loading

However, managing Availability and Rates to each channel can further customized by strategically using the Room Type and Rate Plan allocation functions.

To quickly block out a room or block of rooms for short time period, see Blocking out rooms for a specific time period

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