The Global Distribution System (GDS) is an international, interconnected network of travel agents and travel websites. Because the traditional GDS systems are only a fraction of the ways people research and book travel these days, when combined with non-traditional networks, BookingCenter refers to the entirety as the Global Booking Network.

The BookingCenter Global Booking Network gives your property real-time visibility on over 8,200 travel websites, including the Sabre, WorldSpan, Amadeus, and Galileo GDS systems (used by over 650,000 travel agents worldwide), the Pegasus system (which provides distribution to TravelWeb, Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz and others), and other consumer networks such as, Verizon SuperPages, and TourWorld. See a sample list of partner sites here

Managing Availability on GDS and OTA Channels

Selling Rooms through GDS and OTA channels involves the same functions as all other channels. However, with an OTA Contract Rate plan there are further considerations such as the agreed upon neogiated rate and maintaining availability and rate parity. See Managing Availability and Rates on GDS and OTA channels. Each Contract Rate you enter into has a unique set of requirements and conditions which must be taken into consideration when setting up your Room Type and Rate Plan allocations.See Managing Availabiilty on GDS and OTA channels for more details on each Channel. Also, Room Types must be mapped with each OTA in order to function properly. See GDS and OTA Best Practices, Tips and Help Articles.

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