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This release brings new services, major enhancements to Housekeeping, MyGuest, Reports, Self Check-in, Online Deposits and several bug fixes

MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS                        

Mobile Housekeeping App

The HouseKeeping App is a 'scaled down' version of the MyGuest system, specifically for customers who want a robust Housekeeping management system tied in the with MyPMS, but don't need other MyGuest features nor a Concierge interfaces.  Use for Daily Housekeeping (Full Clean or Stay Over cleans) are assigned individually, or in a Group, to Housekeeping staff (what BookingCenter calls 'Users').  Armed with the BookingCenter mobile app (or they can use a web browser), the User receives notification about their daily needs (no more Housekeeping sheets to print out!) and the time the request was sent.Learn more about Mobile Housekeeping App

MyGuest- Mobile Housekeeping Integration

For customers who are registered MyGuest Users, the Housekeeping App is an inexpensive add-on, please contact us to add this feature to your MyGuest setup.

Hotel Incident Reports - go paperless!

Each property can create their own default Incident Report in order to record a Housekeeping or Maintenance 'Incident' that requires written or photographic documentation.  Created as a completely customizable letter(s), the one set as 'Default Letter' under the Incident Report section will open a template to be filled in and saved when a Housekeeper clicks 'Incident report' from a Request that has a Booking ID assigned.  Allowing the User to place a lengthy description of the issue, with up to 5 photos (uploaded from a computer and/or the mobile device being used by the User), each Incident report is automatically filled in with all relevant data (Guest, Room, Booking, Dates of Arrival/Depart, etc) and the resulting document is a date- and time -stamped, and saved under the "Letters" area of the specific Booking for easy retrieval in case of a dispute. Learn more about the Incident Report

NEW! Channel Manager Ultimate

The Ultimate Channel Manager contains many of the bookings management features of MYPMS, such as: automating Letters, including email and SMS/test messages, based on multiple events such as arrival/departure/date booked; receiving daily Reports automatically via email; complete editing of bookings, dates, rooms, and rates, regardless of source of the booking; managing room assignments and/or Room Type daily management; integration with MyGuest and the Housekeeping App; logging all activity for each Booking; supporting eSign and Incident Report with unlimited storage so all relevant documents are stored and accessed via the Bookings, and other features.  The Ultimate Channel Manager costs a bit more than Pro, because it includes additional setup and training, but the features are valuable for the appropriate customer. If you wish to discuss which version of the Channel Manager is right for your business, please contact us.


Customize MyGuest Request Setup

We have created a way for MyGuest Users to customize the Description of each Request as it is entered into the MyGuest Manager's Dashboard and sent to staff. MyGuest customers can find the new "MyGuest Setup" in SETUP | FEATURES AND IMAGES | MYGUEST SETUP.  Learn more at MyGuest | MyPMS Integration

Flat Rate Deposit

This setting determines the guarantee or deposit required for bookings made at the Front Desk (manually entered) and for online bookings taken on your website or via OTA/GDS channels.  The new Flat Rate Deposit Feature allow you to set a Flat Rate for things like a cleaning fee or Resort Fee. Learn how to set the Guarantee Policy for your property. Learn more Marketing And Policies

Automatic Reports

MyPMS Automated Reports gives you the ability to schedule daily delivery of the "Manager", "Occupancy" and "Revenue" Reports to a primary email and cc email if needed. You can choose to schedule delivery for one or all of these Reports. Reports that can be scheduled for automated, daily delivery via email.

  • Managers Report: Based on previous day's date (Night Audit Transactions posted) and displays "live Items and Receipts". See Managers Reports
  • Revenue Report:  Reports revenue sorted by Room Type for the past 30 days from the previous day's date.  See Revenue Report
  • Occupancy Report: Reports occupancy for all room types, accounting for the OOO Rooms flag for the past 30 days from the previous day's date. See Occupancy Report

Future Arrivals Report

This Report is used to view all future arrivals with Folio Balance and Folio 'Projected Income' fields in order to identify which bookings may need financial follow-up. The report can be run for up to a year, and as few as a single day. Learn more at Future Arrivals

Self Check-in Communication Timing

The "Communication" setting is used to control the START TIME of the Email and/ SMS sent to the guest to start the Self Check-in process on the arrival date of the booking. This setting controls the automated system trigger that automatically sends the "Start Self Check-in" email and/or SMS to the all guests on arrival date. For bookings made before or after this time setting, see Self Check-in | Setup

ADA Compliance for "Inventory Item" and "Package Images" on the Booking Engine

The images for  for Inventory Items and Packages now meet ADA Compliance Standards. As part of design implementation, we have provided an "ALT Tag " field for each of these Images in MyPMS. However, the descriptive text must be entered by you in order to meet Compliance Standards. For  step-by-step instructions on how to enter the descriptive text in the "ALT Tag" field for Inventory Items, go to Add Inventory Item Image and for Packages, go to Add Package Image

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed issue on Booking Engine with Inventory Items not displaying when only 1 item live.
  • Vacant Room by date range, not just a single day as now.
  • Manager Report: Fixed issue with  YTD RevPar displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue with images not displaying correctly on the Legacy Booking Engine.
  • Fixed label on Dashboard “Bookings made today” widget
  • Occupancy Forecast Report – fixed issue with Rooms set to YES on "Ignore on Occ. Report" still included in data on report.
  • Fixed issue with multi booking deposits displaying the incorrect total on the Legacy Booking Engine
  • Fixed booking date issue on Booking Engine bookings resulting from the change to Dayligh Savings Time (DST)
  • Fixed issue with assigning same room to Two Bookings via Booking Data & Room Assignment Tabs.
  • Fixed issue with Tape Chart-Rate View displaying rates for room types not selected
  • Fixed issue with Booking by Inquiry displaying incorrect number of nights between Nov 1 - Nov 30 date range.
  • Resolved issues with Desktop PMS Backup.
  • Fixed issue with online website bookings, set to auto deposit, importing as status incomplete.