Welcome to the Online Documentation home for the Channel Manager (Management Tool), our channel management system that manages content (images, policies, amenities, etc), bookings, rate, and availability in the channels BookingCenter distributes to. 

Here you will find information on how to set up, configure, manage and optimize the Channel Manager, as well as Release Notes and a complete User Manual.  BookingCenter offers 3 variants of the product, and customers can upgrade/downgrade based on their needs, as there are no term contracts:

  1. Channel Manager.  This is the basic product that allows a property to do what most properties need to do: setup their Unit(s) for   online sales via channels such as Booking Engine, GDS, and/or OTAs such as Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc.  This product is  inexpensive, can be setup easily (either by BookingCenter staff or by the customer), and provides for online sales and tracking to all networks and use of our Booking Engines or APIs.  For Owners of an HOA, association, or group of BookingCenter properties, the Owner Channel Manger markets specific unit(s) globally via a unique Channel Manager profile while automating bookings seamlessly to MyPMS for operation and back office reporting.
  2. Channel Manager Pro.  For customers who wish to add more functionality to their online sales, such as using a Payment Gateway to transact payments seamlessly, selling Fixed and/or Dynamic Packages, or providing detailed daily reports, the Channel Manager Pro costs a bit more, includes additional setup and training, but the additional features are valuable for the appropriate customer. 
  3. Ultimate Channel Manager.  The Ultimate Channel Manager contains many of the bookings management features of MYPMS, such as: automating Letters, including email and SMS/test messages, based on multiple events such as arrival/departure/date booked; receiving daily Reports automatically via email; complete editing of bookings, dates, rooms, and rates, regardless of source of the booking; managing room assignments and/or Room Type daily management; integration with MyGuest and the Housekeeping App; logging all activity for each Booking; supporting eSign and Incident Report with unlimited storage so all relevant documents are stored and accessed via the Bookings, and other features.  The Ultimate Channel Manager costs a bit more than Pro, because it includes additional setup and training, but the features are valuable for the appropriate customer.

If you wish to discuss which version of the Channel Manager is right for your business, please contact us.

For a complete step-by-step guide to Channel Manager, go to Channel Manager User Manual.

Channel Manager User Manual

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