These are APIs (based on standards such as OTA XML web services) that BookingCenter provides to developers who wish to PUSH and/or PULL data from BookingCenter products and Services. Common uses of these APIs include:

Booking Engines

Accounting/Revenue/Yield Management

Concierge and Guest Request (MyGuest)

Marketing Analysis

Developers wishing to make a single Property or Portal Booking Engine for an OTA-like travel experience.

Revenue Management Companies who wish to PULL rate info from BookingCenter for analysis and/or recommendations.

Developers who wish to create, push, and pull requests based on Concierge events.

Marketing companies who desire detailed Guest records for all new, modified, and cancelled bookings.

PMS and CRS companies using BookingCenter's distribution channels to push their properties into our networks.

PMS, Revenue Management, or Yield Management systems who wish to PUSH rate into BookingCenter for use in a PMS, OTA, GDS, Dhisco travel channel.

Uses include creating Guest Request ticket(s), updating, and closing them once complete.  

Hoteliers and Webmasters who wish to track the 'Return on Investment' of ads via Google and/or FaceBook campaigns.

Users authentication can be checked for MyPMS and / or MyGuest Users.General Ledger JSON (G/L) is our automated 'push and pull' of a JSON array of daily financials transaction(s) + liabilities. Built for MyPMS customers, useable with many different G/L products such as Quickbooks Online Edition.User authentication can be checked for MyPMS and / or MyGuest.
We support both a WordPress theme and a WordPress Plugin for nearly all themes with our Plug-in for a single Site or a Portal of Sites to search across portfolio by nearly any criteria: availability, price, region, city, name, etc
Use of a WebHook to receive notifications of any set of requests as they move from New to Completion.
Interfaces and Modules
API Web Services Include:

OTA_ HotelResNotifyRS/RQ -

(get booking)

OTA_ HotelResModifyNotifyRS/RQ -

(get modified booking)

OTA_HotelGetMsgRQ/RS -

(notify of booking)

OTA_ HotelAvailRQ/RS -

(Site Availability)

OTA_HotelSearchRQ/RS -

(Portal Availability)

OTA_HotelRes (ie, 'new booking')

(Message for saving a Booking)

OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif - Site Details

OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentInfo -

Site Information. This message provides detailed Images, Items, Packages, Rooms, Activities, Amenities, Airports, Policies, Sources, Receipt Types, Markets, and Marketing Messages set inside a BookingCenter product.

OTA_ HotelAvailCalendarRQ/RS -

(Site Availability Calendar)

This message allows one to bring back an array for a single month up to a year; and can be for all Room Types or a single Room Type to make an availability calendar.  If the Site has a setting for 'show lowest rate' then the lowest rate available for a day will come back with the availability array.  If the feature 'show lowest rate' is not set for a Site there is no rate information returned.  

<RoomType RoomTypeCode="ALL" Date="19-OCT-2023" Quantity="1" NumberOfUnits="1" OOO="N" Rate="112.00" IsRoom="true" /> - this array shows the daily lowest rate for the availability for the day.

<RoomType RoomTypeCode="STANDARD" Date="19-OCT-2023" Quantity="3" NumberOfUnits="3" OOO="N" IsRoom="true" /> - this array has no rate info, as 'show lowest rate' is not set.

Here is an example of a calendar used in one of our Booking Engines with lowest rate data showing.

OTA_HotelRatePlanNotif RQ/RS - (Update Rates in CRS)

OTA_HotelInvSync RQ/RS -

(Update Inventory in CRS)

OTA_HotelResCancel (Cancel a booking) with optional: 

  • Cancellation Number: (you can define your own number or let the system auto-generate one)
  • Cancellation Fee: (you can set a fee, thought this has no bearing on any PMS product.
  • Message: You can save a message about the cabncellation, such as: "guest cancelled by phone call".
  • Phone: You can place a phoine number to call someone back or refer to the person recording teh cancellation.
  • Cancelled By: Insert a valid PMS user name to record who did the cancellation.  If you have no idea whu to place here, use 'xml' so it's clear.

This is a service requiring Site ID/password authentication that is used by Marketing and Revenue Management companies to achieve certain results:

#1 - Download Booking ID's based on a date range.  (retrieve all bookings: as far back as needed)
#2 - OTA_ HotelResNotifyRS/RQ - (get booking)
#3 -Rate analysis
#4 - OTA_HotelRatePlanNotif RQ/RS - (Update Rates in CRS)
#5 - OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotif - Site Details
#6 - OTA_ HotelAvailCalendarRQ/RS - (Site Availability Calendar)

OTA_HotelGetMsgRQ/RS - (Get GL Report)

General Ledger JSON (G/L) is our automated JSON array of daily financials transaction(s) + liabilities. Built for MyPMS customers.

Google Analytics 'Conversion' API

FaceBook API

UHLL (Unified Hospitality Language Layer) by COMTROL for connecting >700 Guest Services devices.User Authentication and Guest Requests Tickets from MyPMS and MyGuest customers.

Should you wish to receive more details on these APIs or web services, you will need to download the NDA (non disclosure) available for download at Sign the NDA and email or fax it back to us at +1-718-228-5959.  We will then send appropriate documentation (most are included in the BookingCenter Central Reservation System API spec) for your use.  If you want to read KnowledgeBase articles on interfacing to BookingCenter for developers, see: