BookingCenter has an option for Owners of Unit(s) who wish to participate in the Channel Manager OTA and GDS channels that BookingCenter provides to properties.

Managing bookings; selling through travel websites such as AirBnB, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and; communicating with guests; and sending details to the Property/HOA/Management Company can be time consuming. The Owner Channel Manager takes away the stress of managing these details. Your guests can go directly from an online booking to checking in without your involvement.

The process is simple to give your Owners flexibility to merge daily operations with your Owner's marketing goals.  Any MyPMS customer who purchased the Owners Module can enable a Channel Manager profile to market their Unit(s) globally.  Thus, whether the Property/HOA/Management Company books the Owner's unit(s), an OTA books it, or the Owner's website makes a booking, all rate & availability & booking info (new, modified, and cancelled) is kept up-to-date in the main PMS and Channel Manager products. This provide flexibility for the Owner to manage and market their specific Unit(s) as they wish.  

Our dedicated team will get each Owner setup and connected, help them determine the right mix of online distribution channels, and power a simple website for direct bookings to avoid paying commissions to OTAs such as Expedia, AirBnB, BookingCenter also provides 24 x 7 support for customers participating in this program, so your owners can be assured that their Unit(s) availability ‘calendar’ is always in sync, rates always updated in ‘real time;’ and all booking info is kept accurate.

Any one or more Owners can participate in the Channel Connect Program to simplify their management of OTA Listing(s) with booking, rate, and availability interfacing to travel websites such as AirBnB, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and  For a complete list of OTA Channels BookingCenter can connect to, click here.

The Rates you enter into the Channel Manager are not viewable by the main PMS system, and all financial details are kept discreet from your main PMS system.  Thus, only the credits and debits you post to the bookings into the Channel Manager will be recorded by BookingCenter.  

Most HOA/Property Management Companies do not manage Payments or Charges for bookings made via their Owner Channel Manager profiles, so check with your HOA/Property Management Company about how payment and charges will be handled.

When you make a booking from any source (via your Booking Engine, Concierge system, OTA, GDS, etc) that booking is immediately entered into the PMS at the HOA/Property Management Company, so no further fulfillment is required by the Owner.

Please find a summary below on some of the key features that are specific to the Owner Channel Manager

  1. Once your future reservations have been imported, if you wish to block our availability, this must be done via a new online reservation.
    1. This can be done via the booking engine
  2. To view any reservation made from a third-party channel, this can be done either at:
    1. Bookings → Online Bookings, or
    2. Current Availability → Clicking the red "0" will display the guest and booking details

Edits to Owner Channel Manager Bookings

If an edit takes place within a channel, such as or Airbnb, that booking will edit the booking in the Owner Channel Manager product (ie,, the HOA Front Desk, and the specific OTA.  But there are times when a Booking needs to be checked in by the HOA staff; something is wrong; and an Edit of a Booking is needed. In such a scenario, the MyPMS system will inform the operator of the HOA that the booking is an Owner Channel Manager booking and care must be made to edit this specific booking.  The specific warning will state "You are viewing an Owner Channel Manager booking" to deter an edit, if at all possible.

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