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  • Print/Email Folio: House Accounts
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Manage House Accounts with Search, Print and Email functions. To learn more on House Accounts and managing folios see,  House Accounts Folios.


  • Print or Email:
    • First click on the Folio by choosing in the Tab list at the top.
    • Click on the Print or Email links in the top right, above the folio. A new window will appear with statement of all of the transactions in the particular folio.
    • To create a statement with specific items from the primary folio:
      • First Add a new folio
      • Go to the primary folio and select the items by checking the box next to the transactions and then go to the "Transfer checked items to" below the folio and choose the newly created folio from the drop-down list.
      • Go to the newly created folio and print or email a statement with only those folio items. If you need to add or edit information to the statement, then choose the email function. Print versions can not be edited.
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