Customize a POS Receipt Letter by selectng specific items from the House Account Folio to send to your POS printer. The POS Receipt is a Letter and is viewed and edited in the Setup area. See Letters.

Using the POS Receipt function in House Accounts

  • Select the House Account Folio.
  • Select the items to appear the POS Receipt.
  • Go to the end of the Folio and you will see Print checked items to POS Printer with a drop-down list. Choose Print or Email from the drop-down list and a new window will automatically open with the Receipt.

Set-up and Customize POS Receipt Letter

  • To view and edit your POS Receipt. Go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | LETTERS and choose the POS Letter.
  • To create a new POS Receipt. Follow the steps to Add A Letter and choose the POS Letter Type. This new Letter Type, called “POS”, is used in conjunction with the Print/Email function in the House Account. See POS Letter
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