To Add a payment to any of the House Folios.

  • Click on the Tab of the Folio to add a transaction.
  • Go to Add Payment

Items in the Add Payment drop-down list have already been added as Receipt Types and given a description and/or a price. 

Using a Credit Card for payment

Every time a charge is applied, a corresponding payment must be applied. For instance, you may apply a postcard charge of $1.00 plus $0.08 taxes. This will come to a total of $1.08. The user must now enter a payment of $1.08 to bring the balance to zero.

The ability to Add, Edit, and Delete a credit card exists with a House Account, as do all other payment options. Once added, a credit card must be manually deleted in order to not accidentally use it for a future charge. This is important, as it will protect your property for liability for storing – and potentially misusing - credit cards no longer needed. Since there is no 'Guest', 'Group', or 'Company' to apply the credit card to, either the card must be swipe or manually entered in order to get proper details for the card charge.

Add a charge:

Note: The red asterisk * indicates a required field.

  • Add Charge: Choose a charge from the "Add Charge" drop-down list. If you do not see the item you need, choose miscellaneous.
  • Description: If you chose an item from the "Add Charge" list, the description will auto fill. You can also enter a new description..
  • Quantity: Enter Quantity: this number will be used to automatically calculate the total amount based on the Unit Price.
  • Unit Price: If you chose an item from the "Add Charge" list, the Unit Price will auto fill. You can also enter a new price. 
  • Amount: The Total Amount will automatically be calculated.
  • Date: Choose the date. This feature allows you to choose a date in the future to create an "advanced charge". Use this to enter a charge that should be charged to the folio as a transaction on a date in the future.
  • Apply Charge: Click "Apply Charge": The charge will be directed to the appropriate folio based on rules set up for the folio. See Folio Setup 

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