Go to FRONT DESK | HOUSE ACCOUNTS to use, set up and print House Folio accounts.

House folios have the same functionality as the Guest folios, however they are NOT linked to a room number or Guest booking. House Accounts folios can be used to track transactions for anything from a extra items to a Gift Shop, Bar or Restaurant. You can add as many folios as you need, print or email them and then use the Search Folio function to find closed folios.    

The Primary Folio serves as your main House Account Folio and will always display as the default when you go to the House Accounts. When you Add a Charge or Payment, it will automatically post to the Primary Folio unless have created another folio and chosen it when applying the transactions.

House Account folios can be open and closed at any time as long as they are balanced. To balance the folio, a corresponding charge and payment must be applied. There is a check during night audit to insure all house folios have zero balances. Manage transactions the same way as the standard Guest Folio. See Folio and Night Audit

Front Desk Tab

There is one house folio that is of special note, the Missed Calls Folio records any phone calls that were not assigned to a folio because there was no guest checked in to the room. Administrative calls may also be logged here. Phone Calls that have a zero charge associated are not recorded anywhere in MyPMS. You have the ability to print out individual receipts from the House Account. To use this feature, simply place a check mark next to the line item you would like to print out on the receipt, then scroll down and click "Print Folio".