To add, edit, make a user inactive or unlock a User, go to SETUP | PMS | USERS.For more details see, Users

The User List is divided into Active and Inactive Users.and displays the User ID, email, Status, Last Log in and whether or not they are locked out of the MyPMS system.

You may add as many users as needed. Each user has their own log-in credentials and ALL activities performed while the User is logged in will be recorded under their User Name.To Add a User see Add New Users. To make a user Inactive, edit User Details or Unlock a User, see Users: Add, Edit or Unlock

All Users are assigned Roles which grant access to certain Reports, Night Audit and the Setup Area or Housekeeping. There are also several other settings to enable or choose for each User.

Getting Started with MyPMS

System restrictions by User Role:

  • Sr. Night Auditor: Able to perform Night Audit; No access to Setup; Full access to all columns of Reports.
  • NIght Audit: Able to perform Night Audit; No access to Setup;  Access to only 4 columns of Reports (Daily Reports, Group Reports, Housekeeping, and Accounting).
  • MyGuest Only: Access to MyGuest Guest Request System
  • Manager Admin: Enables all 3 Admin features: Front Desk Layout, New Booking Window Layout and labels, and Housekeeping customization.
  • Manager: Full access to all Setup functions and all Reports.
  • Housekeeping Admin:  Access to all housekeeping functions plus access to the Housekeeping Admin tab to makes it easy to organize Rooms into Groups and customize the Housekeeping area on the Front Desk.  Admin | Housekeeping
  • Housekeeping: Access only to the Housekeeping reports section and the individual arrivals, departures, inhouse and booking comments reports.
  • Group Manager:  Access only to Group Bookings.
  • Front desk: No access to Night Audit or Setup. Access to only the first 3 columns of Reports.

User dependent restrictions:

  • Allow manual entry of Rates: Allows the user to manually change a Rate. 
  • Allow Overbooking: This allows the user to book beyond your current availability. The recommended setting is "No"
  • Settle Credit Cards: Displays the "Settle Credit Cards" button in Night Audit. (Must be signed up for MyCard Credit Card Payment Gateway)
  • View Manage Credit Cards Screen: Displays the "Manage Credit Card" link in the Booking Details.  Should you wish to not allow a user to view the full credit card numbers, this is how to disable their access to viewing anything other than the 'last 4 digits' and expiry.
  • MyGuest Access.  This allows you to establish whether a user can log in and/or use the MyGuest 'app' explained at
  • Landing Page: At the User level, you can now choose what page MyPMS will automatically load/go to first when you login.

Security Restrictions:

  • Country: The county selector for the user login.
  • Country Login Allow: This locks the user login to the country selected above. Meaning a user can only log in from the selected county.
  • Allow VPN: This allows a user to log in to MyPMS while using a VPN. 

Tip: A VPN is a virtual private network. Often used to hide the location of the IP address that the user is logging in from. Most properties do not allow this but for a very few this is how they access the internet. Our security team deemed the VPN as a possible security risk, but since some properties needed it, we made it a user option versus banning all VPN access. We recommend setting "Allow VPN" to no unless you have a specific IT reason for using a VPN.

Learn more about Adding and editing Users.

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