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The Admin - Housekeeping function makes it easy to organize Rooms into Groups and customize the Housekeeping area on the Front Desk.

Create Groups by building, floor, housekeeper name or any other customized name that works for your property.

These customized Groups make it easy to print Maid Sheets for each Housekeeper.and will also customize the display in FRONT DESK | HOUSEKEEPING with Rooms sorted into each Group.

Admin Tab


 Create A New Group

To start a group select a unit or a series of units that you want to be in a group. Then you can create the new housekeeping group.

This can be used to sort rooms by floor, housekeeper or building. The way yougroupis up to you. Once the group is made you can name it and re-name it at any time. You can also drag in new units into any group or move them from one group to the other. Once your groups are set you can print out a specific maid sheet for each group on the front desk housekeeping page


This is what it will look like after the Rooms are Grouped.


Add to an existing Group

Remove Rooms from a Group