MyPMS is a cloud-based system so will be live and functional as soon as you log in and getting the system ready for you to start taking bookings is a simple and easy process.

Setting up and customizing your system is the first step in this process. There are several areas of customization to help you manage more efficiently and market to guests which you should complete after the system Setup

If you are using the booking engine to take online bookings from your website or are enrolled in GDS or OTA Contract Rates, continue to the next section. Property Profile Website and GDS

Getting Started with MyPMS

  • Enter Contact Information. This information will be used on as the main contact for your property for bookings, communication, statements, etc. SETUP | SETTINGS | SITE DETAILS. See Site Details.
  • Customize System Labels: This section allows you to edit your Accommodation, Guest, and Tax labels. The labels you enter here will be used in your property management system and allow you to customize MyPMS with the terminology used by your establishment. SETUP | SETTINGS | BOOKING ENGINE SETTINGS. See Custom System Labeling
  • Set up Tax rates: In this section, you will choose your currency and enter the applicable taxes related to your accommodation cost in the two Tax Fields provided. Additional taxes for accommodation cost or extras as a % or flat rate, including tax on tax, or tax+, SETUP | SETTINGS | TAX CONFIGURATION. See Tax Configuration
  • Set up Room Rates: This section will walk you through adding your basic rate plans for the specific rooms associated with your room types, including features and discounts.SETUP | RATES | RATES. See Default Rates
  • Set up Room Types. This section will walk you through adding your room types with basic description, bed count and max guest count etc. Once you have your Room Types defined and added here, we will identify the rooms or room numbers associated with these types.SETUP | RATES | ROOM TYPES.
    See Room Types
  • Set up Rooms. Now that you have created your Room Rates and Types, you can add individual Rooms.SETUP | RATES | ROOMS.  See Rooms
  • Add New Users. Add New Users

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