A Room Type can be a common description for a number of Rooms, or it may represent a single room. To view Room Types, go to SETUP | RATES | ROOM TYPES.

Rates and Room Types are interrelated in the MyPMS System therefore before you create or edit a Room Type, you must have a Default Rate Plan in place to assign to it. After Rate Plan or Package is set up, then create a Room Type and associate it with the corresponding Rate Plan.  Once the Room Types are set up, the individual Rooms are then assigned.  

  • The first step in creating a new Room Type is to create a Rate Plan. (See Default Rates).
  • Default Rate Plans are assigned to Room Types which are then allocated Rooms (See Rooms).
  • To add a New Room Type click Add and a new screen will appear with the new Room Type Fields. (See Add Room Type)

For example,  Room Type -QUEEN is assigned Rate Plan QUEEN and has 10 Rooms allocated to it. The Rates for those 10 Rooms in the QUEEN Room Type are ALL set at the QUEEN RATE Plan. If any changes are made to the QUEEN Rate Plan in Manage Rates, it willeffect all 10 Rooms in the QUEEN Room Type.

Multiple Rate Plans can be allocated to just one Room Type, but need to be allocated to the Room Type in Agent Relationships. See Room Type and Rate Plan Allocations

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