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This release brings enhancements to the Front Desk, Booking Engine, Room Type Images, Booking approaches, and several bug fixes

MAJOR ENHANCEMENTS                        

Website Booking Engine

  • A NEW Room Type "Image Slideshow" for the Booking Engine: Show an image slideshow on your Booking Engine. You can now add up to 20 images per Room Type to display on your Booking Engine. See Booking Engine | Image Slideshow. To use this new feature, all you need to do is add more images to your Room Types in Setup.  see Add Room Type Images.
  • ADA Compliance for the Booking Engine: Your Booking Engine now meets strict ADA Compliance Standards (Americans with Disabilities standards). Learn more at Booking Engine | ADA Compliance. As part of design implementation, we have provided an "ALT Tag "field for each Room Type Image in MyPMS, but the descriptive text must be entered by you in order to meet Compliance Standards. For  step-by-step instructions on how to enter the descriptive text in the "ALT Tag" field for each Room Type Image, go Add Room Type Images.

Front Desk Dashboard

  • NEW Dashboard Widget: We have added an new Dashboard Widget, "Today's Occupancy By Channel". See Admin | Front Desk - Page Layout
  • Dashboard Layout: The MyPMS Front Desk dashboard has a new look!  We have realigned the 'Front Desk Widgets' to provide a streamlined look by updating the "Admin - Front Desk Layout" to make it easier to add and reorder widgets. If you haven't customized your Front Desk Dashboard yet, learn how at Admin | Front Desk - Page Layout

Tape Chart, Booking By Availability and Book By Inquiry

  • Tape Chart - NEW! View Rates: You can now view all of the Rate Plans available for a Room Type right on the Tape Chart. Just click on the date and when the New Booking pop-out displays, click the new "Rates" button to see a list of Rates. See Tape Chart - New Booking
  • Tape Chart "Room Details" Pop-out: We have streamlined the Room Details window and added the 'Room Type' description, amenities, max occupancy and notes to make it easier to see room details when making a booking. See Room Details
  • Booking By Availability- NEW "View Rates": We have added a "View Rates" option to Booking By Availability giving you the ability to view the Standard Default Rate for the the Room Type on any selected dates. See Booking By Availability
  • Booking By Inquiry: The Book By Inquiry page has been updated to make booking by Rate Plan, Room Type and Source easier.  We added more Room Type Details to the "View Details" pop-out, as well. See Booking By Inquiry


Room Type Multi-image Upload: We have added a multi-image function to the Room Type Images for the new Image Slideshow on the Booking Engine and upload to Airbnb (subscription required) and reformatted our image upload function to include "ALT Tags" for ADA Compliance.learn how to add multiple images to the Booking Engine. see Add Room Type Images.

  • New Upload method: You can now upload or drag and drop an image.
  • Room Type Images: We have added instructions, new image size requirements and a "Help" link to the Room Type Images page in Setup.
  • Update Labels on Room Type Images: The labels on the Room Type images have been updated and now includes an "Image Description" which also serves as the ALT TAG for your images.
  • Items Included Report: We have added a new Report for Rate Plans with Included Items: You can now create a Rate Plan with an "Included Item" from your Inventory Items List. Each of these Rate Plans will display one Rate to the Guest and account for Room Rent and any 'included' Inventory Item separately in a Report. This is perfect for Rate Plans that include a breakfast charge; or rental units that include a cleaning fee, as example. To learn more, see Items Included Report.
  • In-house Guest Ledger and; In-House Reports: We have added totals to the columns to both of these Reports. See Daily Reports.

NEW! Self Check-in Features: We have added new features to the Self Check-in System. The Self Check-in system includes automatic messaging, payment authorization, Esign – Digital Document Signing (optional), and room specific information allowing detailed room access instructions. Learn how to setup and use Self Check-in.

  • Front Desk Bookings and Group Booking 'Rooming List': Add "Exempt Booking From Self Check-in" and "Exempt Booking From E-Sign" flags on the Booking Data, New Booking, and Group Booking Rooming windows. Self Check-in | Exempt Settings
  • Arrival Time: We have added the ability to control Self Check-in for each guest using the arrival time. See Self Check-in | Booking Criteria
  • New "Add Payment" Method: You can now use a payment method in specific 'Self Check-in' bookings to require guests to add a payment method (usually a credit card, but not always) for incidentals prior to allowing Self Check-in. See Self Check-in | Booking Criteria

MyGuest Enhancements: We heard that properties wanted to receive email notices when Requests were submitted - by Staff and/or Guests - and thus are now sending an email to the main property email' set in MyGuest to receive emails of all new request submissions.

We are pleased to announce that the following software bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Booking By Inquiry Allowing Bookings When No (Zero) Avail
  • Booking By Inquiry Not Showing Package Rate Allocations to Type
  • Booking By Inquiry Images Need New Image DB Values
  • Book By Inquiry "Show Restricted Rates " doesn't work
  • Fixed the Deposit Total Payment Page for Multi-room Booking of Same room type
  • Fixed the posting of add-ons to every booking folio in Multi Room Bookings on the Booking Engine.
  • Fixed issue with Extra Adult and Children Charges not calculating correctly on Booking Engine bookings.
  • Fixed No Availability for these dates [ search for another day ] link not working
  • Fixed issue with long "live" guest look-ups require return key to select and ignores left mouse click
  • Fixed Company Live flag
  • Fixed issue with folio transaction modify "pencil icon"
  • Fixed issue with multi clicking on an empty TC cell opening booking above.
  • Easy Search on guest last name needs to include Mobile number
  • Fixed issue with Users with 'NO' for Overbooking Privilege able tp overbook without any warnings.
  • Resolved issue with assigning two bookings to same room.
  • Fixed Package Rates not adding Items to Folio when booking added via Rooming List
  • Fixed issue with Search Bookings : Group Name search returns ISE
  • Resolved issue preventing removal of past room days when extending a booking
  • Resolved issue room type for "Today" is overflow you cannot assign a type at all for today on the edit screen
  • Added feature when pressing 'Send SMS' check for Mobile number to catch errors
  • Deposit Quote using ADR when Manual rates used
  • Fixed AR Invoice description "select all" doesn't work
  • Occupancy report ADR and value by room type not correct when rent is modified.
  • Fixed format of Transaction Report landing page.
  • Fixed "Modify Auth" button for Swiped Credit Cards In the Manage Credit Cards screen.
  • Fixed issue with "Modify Auth" button not displaying for saved credit cards.
  • MyPMS Multi Lingual bkgtabs window> Edit Tab not translating
  • Added Sat and Wed translations for Spanish only
  • Fixed issue with same day XMLBE Bookings sending Default "Start Self Check-in" Email and SMS
  • Fixed issue with Front Desk Bookings getting 2 "Start Self Check-in Start" Emails same Day Arrival
  • Fixed issue with Self Check-in Start SMS sent to bookings with no phone number entered in Booking Data AND to one phone number
  • Fixed "Quick Search" not working on front desk with new widget sizes.