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To create a new booking on the Tape Chart:

Choose the Room and Date for the booking by clicking on the Tape Chart.

You can choose one day or a date range and multiple Rooms for the Booking. See example below.

When the New Booking pop-up window appears, click on New Booking and the New Booking Window will open. See New Booking

After clicking "Complete Booking", you will return to the Tape Chart at the same date where you left off. For example, if you moved the Tape Chart 2 months ahead to make a booking, then after completing that booking, you will be returned to the same date range. This useful for creating multiple bookings on the same date.



The Blue shade on a Room in the Room list indicates a Clean Room and the Yellow Shade indicates a "Dirty" Room.

See Housekeeping Functions: Marking Rooms "Clean" or "Dirty"

There are several options for creating a booking using the Tape Chart.

Option 1: One Day Booking in one Room

Option 2: Four Day Booking in one Room

Option 3: Five Day Booking in two Rooms

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