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Once you have set up the Room Types, they will automatically be visible in your Front Desk for bookings. However, if you want these Room Types to visible and available online, they must be allocated to the proper Agent Channels. See Agent Relationships

To allocate Room Types to GDS or website. Go to Setup | Relationships | Agent Relationships 

Use the 'allocation' method to allocate a % of your rooms, at specific Rates, to each Agent. See Add Room Type Allocations

Room Type and Rate allocations can be customized to each agent, however there are three agents that MUST have all ROOM TYPES allocated.

    • These 3 Agents are: MyPMS (front desk users), BC (website), and WR (Global Booking Network). See below for details on how to manage each.
      • Agent MyPMS (The rooms and rates that your logged in users 'see' when using MyPMS):
      • Agent WR (The Global Booking Network) and stop sending all rooms, or send unique rates through distribution:
      • Agent BC is the channel that is distributing rooms to your Booking Engine.
    • Room Type allocations to other agent channels such as, special agents or OTA Channels are optional. See
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