• The bookings on the tape chart have a colored square on the right side of the booking. The color lets the user know, with a quick view, if the guest's folio has been paid in full (green), has a partial payment posted (Yellow), or has no payment on the folio (Red).
  • The Tape Chart has several functions available for managing bookings and availability that you will want to become familiar with. Please review, Tape Chart Management
  • There are several features available on the Tape Chart that you can customize to your property making it easier to manage guests, rooms and bookings.  See Tape Chart Customization

Tape Chart View: To change the view of how the Tape Chart is displayed, use the Room drop-down list and the date range selectors. By default, all Rooms are displayed.

  • If you would like to view the list with one Room Type at a time by selecting a room type from, the drop down list.
  • To change the date range, select the first date of the range by using the calendar icon. Then enter the number of days you want to view. and click Refresh. The system will display up to 60 days, however more than 30 days often creates an excessively large screen that could take up to several minutes to render. For best performance, the Tape Chart defaults to 15 days and we recommend you limit the tape chart to no more than 30 days.
  • To advance or go back 15 days in the Calendar view, click on the links title "Prev 15 days | Next 15 days"

All Bookings appear on the Tape Chart color coded and with an an icon to indicate Booking Status. There are four types of Booking Status that are displayed according the to the status of the booking. These will automatically update on the Tape Chart after you modify the booking. For example, if you have an unconfirmed booking in red and then change the status of the booking to confirmed, it will automatically change to blue on the Tape Chart. It is important to note that reservations that do not have rooms assigned will not show up on the tape chart. To change the status of a booking, go to the Booking Details of the Guest.

There are several ways to customize the Tape Chart to fit your property needs. Use these settings to customize your Tape Chart.

  • Display order of Room Types and Rooms (Sort Order): Choose the order of Room Types and Rooms on the Tape Chart.
  • Default # of Days: Choose the number days in the default Tape Chart View. This means it will automatically appear with the set number of days when opened. This can always be changed manually in Tape Chart.
  • Date Bar Repeat: Choose the number of rows to view your rooms on the Tape Chart.
  • Room Type Images: Add Thumbnail Images that will appear in the Room pop out on the Tape Chart.
  • Room Details:To see Room Details on the Tape Chart,

  • Flag A Booking: Add a Flag and color to booking by selecting one of your flagged Guest types in the Booking Details. It will appear on the Tape Chart with a red outline around the Guest Booking.

  • Group Icons: Add an icon to each Group Booking and each booking in the Group will have the icon appear on the Tape Chart.
Tape Chart