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Customize the default display of Rooms on the Tape Chart by choosing the number of rows to appear before a row break. This setting is chosen in SETUP | PMS | SETUP in the "Date Bar Repeat" setting. See instructions below.

The setting gives you the option to set a row break in multiples of 10. This allows you to show all of your Rooms in one list or break the rows to fit your Room Types. To change the sort order in which the Rooms appear, see Add or Edit Rooms

For example, if you have 13 Rooms and want them to appear on the Tape Chart without a break in the rows then, choose 20 rows, Or, you may have 20 rooms that you want display in with a row break. Choose 10 rows to create a row break and two sections or 20 rows to create one list. See the example below.

Example 1:  20 Rooms with "10 rows" selected

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Example 2:  20 Rooms with "20 rows" selected

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Change Row Break Setting

  • Go to SETUP | PMS | SETUP. 
  • In the first section "Setup" choose the number of rows in the drop down list in the "Date Bar Repeat" setting.
  • Click Save.
  • For the change to take effect and display on the Tape Chart, you need to log out and log in again.