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To Add a Room, go to SETUP | RATES | ROOMS. Rooms must be created and then assigned to a Room Type.See Assign Rooms to Room Types

The Room Type has an associated Rate Plan so all Rooms assigned a particular Room Type will have the respective Rate Plan. See Add Room Type

When setting up a new room you need to provide it a unique Room Id and description and assign it to the correct Room Type.  The Publish to Internet flag controls if the room is available through online booking channels and is enabled by default.    If you utilize Call Accounting or Comtrol please provide the accurate Phone Extension for each room type. See Add or Edit Rooms

Each Room can also be assigned a Room Amenity icon that appears on the Tape Chart next to each room. The setting is controlled at the Room level and can be changed at anytime.SeeRoom Amenity Icons

NOTE: Self Check-in Customers - Use the "Room Notes" for the "Self Check-in Complete" Letter and SMS Message. See instructions below.

In this Section

To Add a Room: Click on Add at the bottom of the Room List. To Edit Room Information and Settings, Click on the Room I.D. and then click Edit at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Room ID: I.D. for Internal use only and will not be viewed by guests. I.D. must be alpha/numeric only. Do not use punctuation, symbols or hyphens. Use a max. of 10 Characters, 5 characters or less is preferred. Enter the #, Room name letter or name that you use to identify the room. For example, 101, Room A, Romance Suite.

  • Description: This will be visible tocustomer

  • Room Type: Choose the Room Type that this individual Room should be associated with.

  • Publish to Internet: This controls whether or not the room is available through online booking channels and is enabled by default. In cases such as an hourly conferenceroom you may not want guests to be able to book it online. To avoid this simply select NO

  • Phone Extension: Add the phone extension if you have the Call Module enabled.

  • Ignore on Occupancy Report: Set to "Yes" if you want this room to be ignored or not appear on the Occupancy Report. This is used for rooms that are not typically sold to guests.

  • Availability: Choose Daily, Weekly or Unlimited Bookings.

  • Beds: The number of beds will appear based on the number of beds enter in the Room Type that the room is assigned to.

  • Persons: The number of persons will appear based on what is entered in the Room Types.

  • Availability: Choose Daily, Weekly or Unlimited bookings.

  • Extra Persons:

  • Sort: Enter the sort order of how the room will appear on the Tape Chart

  • Owner: If this an Owner Unit, choose the owner from the drop-down list. See Owner Units

  • Room Amenity Icons: Each Room can be assigned a Room Amenity icon that appears on the Tape Chart next to each room: Connecting Room, Smoking, Disabled Access, Pet Friendly.  See Room Amenity Icons

  • Room Notes: The Room Notes field can be used as a merge field in Letters. This is field a key part of the setup process for Self Check-in that provides specific Room Entry access

Self Check-in Setup

Enter the Room Entry information that the guest will receive via email and/or SMS in the "Room Notes" Field.

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