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The Self Check-in system is completely automated from start to finish and includes automatic messaging, payment authorization, eSign – digital signing (optional) and room specific information allowing detailed instructions for a mix of hotel and rental units. The process is tightly integrated with MyPMS for “real-time” booking and status updates. This means that when a Guest updates Booking Details and Payment Method, then this information will automatically update in MyPMS. Conversely, certain criteria must be met in MyPMS for a Guest the "Check-in" button to appear and allow the guest to check-in.  If the criteria is not met, then a message will display directing the Guest on what action to take to complete check-in. See Self Check-in | Booking Criteria

Once the Self Check-in function is enabled for your site, then each Guest will automatically receive the "Self Check-in Start" Letter set in Default Letters on Booking Arrival Date. This Letter is customized by you in SETUP | LETTERS and must be selected as the "Self Check-in Start" Letters in Default Letters. If you do not want the "Self Check-in Start" Letter to  be sent to a specific booking, then you have the ability to "Exclude Guest from Self Check-in" in the Booking Information. 

After the Guest receives the "Self Check-in Start" Letter and clicks on the link to access the secure guest portal, they will be able to update booking details and payment method and check-in if they click on the Arrival Date. The "Self Check-in" button will not display until the Arrival Date of the booking. 


STEP 1: Start Self Check-in: Send a "Self Check-in" Letter to Guest

The Self Check-in function is enabled for each booking in MyPMS and is seamlessly integrated with BookingCenter Customized Letters.The Self Check-in process is started by sending a customized letter via email and/or SMS to the Guest (on or before the check-in date).

This Letter is called the "Self Check-in Start" Letter and starts the Self Check-in process by automatically sending an email and/or SMS to the Guest with the secure link to access MyBooking on the Arrival Date and, optionally, at a scheduled time before check-in or on check-in date using the "Auto Letter" function. There are three ways this Letter can be sent to the Guest.

  1. Automatically sent to Every Guest ON Arrival Date. This includes same day bookings. You need to select this Letter and the method delivery (email and/or SMS) in Default Letters. For instructions, go to Self Check-in | Default Letters
  2. Automatically BEFORE Arrival Date using Auto Letters. Use this function if you want the Self Check-in Letter sent more than once. For example, on the Booking Date or 2 days before check-in.
  3. Manually from the Letters Tab of each booking.

STEP 2: Guest Updates Details or Checks-in Depending on Date of Login

Once the Guest clicks the secure link sent in the "Self Check-in Start" Letter and enters the MyBooking Guest Portal, they will see their booking details and/or be able to check-in depending on date of login . See 

Date of Login

  • If the Guest logs in BEFORE the Check-in date, then the guest will only be able to manage Booking Details and update the payment method. The "Check-in" button will not display. .
  • If the Guest logs in ON the check-in date the "check-in" button will display if all criteria is met in MyPMS. See If the criteria has not been met, then a message will display to the Guest with the action that needs to be taken.See 

Number of Rooms Booked

  • If the Guest has only one room booked, then only the booking details will display for that particular  booking.
  • If the Guest has a multi-room booking, then ALL of the bookings under that Guest Name for check-in that day will display. The Guest can click on each booking to view and update details. 

STEP 3: Check-in Complete -  Send Guest Room Entry Instructions

After the Booking has met all Booking Criteria and the Guest clicks the Check-in button, the booking is automatically checked in to MyPMS and the Room Entry Instructions will display on in MyBooking, an email will be sent to the Guest and/or an SMS Message and if you have MyGuest enabled, a notification will be sent to you.

In order for this information to be automatically emailed and/or SMS to the guest, you must enter the information in the "Room Notes" of each Room. Then, insert the merge field the "Self Check-in Complete" Letter. This Letter can be created by you or you can edit the Default Template provided.

After this letter is created, it must be set up as an Auto Letter function to be automatically emailed to the Guest on the check-in date. or sent manually in the Letters Tab of the Booking. For instructions, go to Self Check-in | Default Letters

Self Check-in