The Tape Chart displays the payment status of each booking with a Payment Status Icon.

  •  Red = No Payment Taken on Folio. Full Payment Due.
  • Yellow = A partial payment has been made on the folio, based on Projected Folio Balance. Balance Due.
  • Green = Full payment (based on Projected Folio Balance) has been made on the folio. No Balance Due.

The payment status displayed is based on the "Projected Balance" in the Folio Header of each Booking. For example, if the "Projected Income" of a Booking is $258 and a payment has been made in the amount of $158, then the "Projected Balance" will be $158 and the icon will display as yellow- partial payment made.  If the guest had made a payment of $258, then the "Projected Balance" would be $0 and the icon would green - full payment.

Tape Chart

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