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All Bookings appear on the Tape Chart color coded and with an an icon to indicate Booking Status. There are four types of Booking Status that are displayed according the to the status of the booking. These will automatically update on the Tape Chart after you modify the booking. For example, if you have an unconfirmed booking in red and then change the status of the booking to confirmed, it will automatically change to blue on the Tape Chart. It is important to note that reservations that do not have rooms assigned will not show up on the tape chart.

Booking Status Color Code and Icons:


  • Booking is currently "In house"
  • Blue Check Mark: In-House


  • Confirmed, but not checked-in
  • Green Arrow: future booking


  • Not confirmed
  • Green Arrow: future booking


  • Checked-out
  • Orange/White line: booking complete

Click on any booking and a pop-out window will appear with a summary of the Booking and the following options.See Booking Pop-up Window

This example is an Active Booking.

To change the status of a booking, go to the Booking Details of the Guest.

Same-day Check Out

Check out: A checked out guest may be checked back in only on the same day they were checked out. Otherwise the only options available on a checked out guest are Booking Details, Print/Email Booking Confirmation and Clone Booking.

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