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Group booking Icons

Make finding a Group Booking on the Tape Chart easy. Add an icon to each Group Booking and each booking in the Group will have the icon appear on the Tape Chart.

Choose from these five icon colors:


The setting for the Group Icon is located in the Group Booking Details and in the Group Booking Wizard.  To add a Group Booking Icon, see instructions below.

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Group Booking Icons on Tape Chart

Icons appear in column to the right of each Room. Only the Icons set to "Yes" will appear.

To Add a Group Booking Icon to a Group Booking

An icon can be added to a Group Booking in the Group Booking Details or in the Group Booking Wizard when creating a Group Booking. In both places, you will find a setting to choose a Group Booking Icon.

The "Group Icon" drop down list offers you a choice of five icon colors to assign to the Group Booking. All bookings made in the Group Bookings will have the associated icon color appear on the booking in the Tape Chart.

Group Booking Details - Booking Data: Open the Group Booking and go to the Booking Data Tab. In the last section, choose the icon color from the "Group Icon" dropdown  list. Click Save.

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Group Booking Wizard - Step 4 Confirm Rates and Enter Group Information: When creating a Group Booking, you will have the option to choose an icon color in step 4. In the last section, choose the icon color from the "Group Icon" drop down  list and complete the booking. The color of the icon can be changed in the Group Booking Details.

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