Group Bookings contain a header element  which provides an "at a glance" view of the critical information of the booking.

  • Group Booking for: To edit booking dates, go to the Edit Tab
  • Status: Status on Groups falls into five categories: Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Active, Complete, Cancelled. Group Bookings default to Confirmed status during the group booking wizard, however you can set the status to unconfirmed as desired. Once any individual booking within a group checks in, the group bookings status goes to Active. See Booking Status. Group Bookings go to status complete in two scenarios:
    • When all individual bookings have checked out, the group will be set to status complete during the night audit process.
    • If a Group has no individual room bookings the status will automatically be set to complete during the Night Audit process of the groups arrival date
  • Group Revenue: The amount shown in Group Revenue is calculated from the ACTUAL total of the bookings in the Group. These bookings are shown in the Room List. The amount displayed in Group Revenue may differ from the amount displayed in Projected Income in the Booking Data Tab. This is because the Projected Income is calculated from the allocations in the Edit Tab.

For Example, if you have allocated 13 Rooms for 4 nights, then the Projected Income would be $3,480.75 (incl. tax).  However, are no rooms booked yet so the the Group Revenue is currently $0.  When you add a booking to the Group, the Group Revenue amount increases.

If considering using the %%projected_income_and_charges%% for your Group Letters, read the 'Notes' section to learn about edits within bookings that are part of a Group.

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