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The Group Folio functionssimiliarlyto the Guest Folio in that it records payments and charges, must be balanced to do night audit and can be printed with the Group Contact Details.

However, the Group Folio has additional features that are designed to make managing transactions in the Group and between bookings in the Group easier. See Transfer Folio Items

In the Folio Tab of a Group Booking, you can view and access both the Group Master Folio and all of the primary folios of the individual bookings when added to the Group. See Room List - Group and Add Booking to Group Booking

You can also make folio changes to a single individual booking within the group withouteffectingthe rest of the group.

Lastlyyou can transfer a payment or charge from the Group Master Folio to an individual guest folio. See Transfer Folio Items

Please review the following functions of the Group Folio

  • When a Group Booking is created there are two folios created by default: "Group Master Folio" and a "Guest Folio". the is an additional folio for separating guest charges if needed. It is optional and does not need to be used.
  • By defaultall charges go to the Group Master Folio so please set the "Charge To" setting before adding individual bookings. Charge To - Group Bookings
  • To change the default folio for charges to the Group, see
  • When a Guest Booking is added to the Group. The primary folio of the Guest Booking is linked to the Group Folio and canbeenseen under "Choose Folio" for easy transfer of payments and charges.
  • The Group Folio has a 'Folio Comments' field under Folio Setup that can be pushed to the Folio Notes on each Booking that is part of the Group.
  • By default, all charges such as,Room Rent will post to the "Group Master Folio" unless otherwise specified in the "Charge to" setting in the Group Booking Data. This can also be set when the Group Booking is created in the Group Booking Wizard.
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