Go to BOOKINGS | GROUP BOOKINGS to see a list of your Group Bookings.

From here you can open the group booking to manage details, add an individual booking or edit booking information.

To see a Group Booking on this List, there must already be a Group and Group Booking Set up.

To create a Group Booking with a new or preexisting Group, go to the Group Booking Wizard in the BOOKING TAB to create a Group Booking. Once the Group Booking has been created, it will appear in this list

You can choose any of the following options to create a sorted list to view your Group Bookings. Or, leave all fields blank and click List to see all Group Bookings.

  • Choose a Date Range  or enter a Group Name
  • To limit the list, choose Status

Sort on: The choose how to you want to sort the list,  by Group Name, Group Booking Title, Arrival or Departure Date or Status.

List: Click to see a list of ALL of your Group Bookings.

Once you have located the Group Booking, click on the Group name or See/Add Bookings to open the Group Booking Details and Add Bookings to the Group.

Booking Tab

Group Bookings

The Group Booking List appears with the following information:

  • Group Name: Name of Group. This can be a preexisting Group or a new Group. Edit in Group Booking Details
  • Group Booking Title: Title of Event with the Group. Edit in Group Booking Details
  • Arrival Date: Arrival date of Group Booking. To edit the Arrival Date, open the Group Booking Details and go to the Edit Tab.
  • Departure Date: Departure date of Group Booking. To edit the Departure Date, open the Group Booking Details and go to the Edit Tab.
  • Status: Group Booking Status has five status categories: Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Active, Complete, Cancelled. Group Bookings default to Confirmed status during the group booking wizard, however you can set the status to unconfirmed as desired. Once any individual booking within a group checks in, the group bookings status goes to Active.

Group Bookings go to status complete in two scenarios:

    1. When all individual bookings have checked out, the group will be set to status complete during the night audit process.
    2. If a Group has no individual room bookings the status will automatically be set to complete during the Night Audit process of the groups arrival date


All of the Blue titles in our Search Lists can be used to sort information. Just click on the Title to sort the column.