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The BookingCenter MyPMS system has a complete front and back office reporting system, and can bill for all room charges, POS items, taxes and service fees.

Go under Reports | Accounting | Transactions
Chose a Start date and End date and choose the Transaction category for Tax.

This will return all transactions that were recorded between the time period for Tax(es), and will subtotal each tax sub-category for you.

Depending on how you run your property - charging at time of booking, charging on a nightly basis via Night Audit, or manually at check-in - this method is is best. Stay consistent with how you report Tax and Room Nights and your tax authority will respect you.

If taxes are later removed or refunded, then those will reflect on a future list of tax Transactions. It's for this reason that we recommend using the 'Transaction ledger' approach to keep a consistent record.

There are many reporting options in MyPMS. The best way to learn about the reporting features is to experiment with MyPMS experience the system in 'real time' to view how the report data looks.

Also, read the various articles about MyPMS Reports at: to get more detail on specific reports and approaches to reconciling reports and activity.



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